OM Meditation – How To Do And What Are Its Benefits? December 1, 2016

Have you ever tried practicing meditation at home? If the answer is a ‘no’, then it’s time that you start practicing meditation techniques at home and get the divine touch in your life. Meditation has been practiced in our country since ages.

Unlike yoga, meditation does not have any contraindications attached to it. Instead, it gives immense benefits to those who practice it regularly. There are various ways by which one can practice meditation. One of these is OM meditation.

OM meditation basically refers to the traditional way of chanting sacred mantras and prayers. The word OM is said to have the divine aspect through which one connects himself with God. This word can be pronounced as ‘OM’ or ‘Aum’ while chanting prayers. Using the Om dhun for meditation is practice has been followed for long now.

OM Meditation Procedure

To practice OM mantra meditation at home in few simple steps, follow the step by step instructions listed below and get started:

  • Find a place to sit and relax at your home. The place should be calm and away from surrounding noises.
  • Choose a yoga mat or a piece of cloth on which you can sit and practice meditation. This mat or cloth is often called ‘asana’ in yoga terms.
  • Time is an important factor when you practice meditation. Take out at least 15-30 minutes from your busy schedule to practice meditation every day.
  • After you are all set, begin your session by closing your eyes and concentrating on your breath. This is an important aspect and is referred to as ‘Pran dharana’.
  • Start your session by chanting OM loudly. One can chant this word as many times as he can until the end of his session.
  • Always end your session by practicing pran dharana. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.
  • Repeat this activity ever day. One can extend his time frame of practicing OM meditation according to his or her capacity.

Tips to remember

  • There are various types of pronouncing OM. These include Om or Aum.
  • There are various ways in which one can practice OM.
  • In yoga meditation, all one needs to do is chant Om in such a way that the recitation of the word M is more than that of the first alphabet.
  • This helps in creating a positive energy in your meditation room. Each type of pronunciation creates different vibrations and gives different effects.

Benefits of OM meditation:

  • OM meditation is said to cure many illnesses. The vibrations that it creates give a sense of positivity to your life. It is believed that OM meditation takes you closer to God. Om meditation brings in self-realization and a feeling of oneness with the Lord.
  • OM meditation is believed to be a stress buster. It helps in calming the brain. Studies show that meditation also helps in relieving the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. OM meditation works wonders for those who with low self esteem if they practice meditation regularly.
  • The word ‘OM’ contains a cosmic positive energy which helps in creating positive vibrations and gives a divine feeling. Among all benefits that meditation offers you, the most important of all is that it helps you relieve yourself from thoughts that obstruct your thinking process. Also, one can practice Sakshi Bhavana while meditating. Sakshi Bhavana is a process in yoga where you witness thoughts coming in and going out of your mind.

Meditation certainly helps in reducing stress levels and increasing inner peace. It revitalizes your mind, body and soul and keeps you rejuvenated throughout life! Do try practicing OM meditation at home and feel the difference! Happy practicing!

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