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Top 10 Organic Hair Masks Available In India

Top 10 Organic Hair Masks Available In India October 9, 2017

Hair masks are an inexpensive way of offering a salon like pampering to dull, damaged, dry and pollution-hit hair. The goodness of a hair mask gets multiplied if the hair mask is organic in nature. Organic hair masks are the natural ways to reverse all signs of hair damage, as they pose no threat to hair quality and scalp health.

Are you a big fan of organic hair care products? Is organic the most reliable word to you when it comes to cosmetic industry? Then you got to try these 10 Best Organic Hair Masks!

1. Intensive Hair Repair Mask By Dermorganic:

DermOrganic is a leading brand of organic products. The intensive hair repair mask offered by this brand is a damage rescue keratin rich solution. It protects hair against tangling by making them strong, smooth and silky. It also offers length and glow to hair upon application. This is also a conditioning option for dry hair beauties.

Price: $18 for 250 ml

2. Natural Brahmi Powder Hair Mask By Radico:

This powdered hair mask by Radico steals a march to the 2nd spot in our list of top 10 organic hair masks due to its unique herbal formula. This powdered hair mask pampers all hair types and repairs all kinds of hair problems like dullness, dandruff and frizz. It imparts strength to hair follicles and makes them longer, stronger and thicker.

Price: Rs. 300 for 100 gm

3. Organic African Black Soap Purification Masque By Shea Moisture:

This amazing hair mask by shea moisture is a sulfate-free option for dry hair treatment. Loaded with the goodness of shea butter, this hair mask offers conditioning and deep nourishment to dry hair and scalp. It also keeps dry scalp away from dandruff that can lead to hair fall otherwise.

Price: Rs. 2,039 for 340 gm

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4. After Sun Hair Mask By Aveda:

This special organic hair mask is our exclusive tribute to women suffering from sun damage. Direct exposure to sun takes a huge toll on the hair. It makes hair dry, brittle and frizzy. The After Sun hair mask by Aveda is your sun guard against hair damage for sure. Morikue, an active protein of this hair mask, imparts strength to sun hit weak hair. Its green tea extracts hamper the production of free radicals to stop any further hair damage.

Price: Rs. 2,456 for 125 ml

5. Organic Olive Oil Hair Mask By Amika:

This hair mask is loaded with the goodness of organic olive oil, which hydrates dry scalp and hair follicles. Its unique organic formula imparts strength to brittle hair follicles and protects against hair fall too.

Price: Rs. 3,430 for 16.9 Ounce

6. Deep Treatment Organic Hair Mask By Ionix:

This hair mask by Ionix is a unique organic formula formulated to reverse extreme hair dryness and damage. It gently moisturizes every single hair strand and nourishes the scalp.

Price: $15 approximately for 500 ml

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7. Blue Green Algae Conditioning Hair Mask By Aubrey Organics:

This amazing organic hair mask is a deep nourishing option for damaged long hair. It can repair splits, frizz and even reverse sun damage. It also protects dry and itchy scalp against dandruff and flaking.

Price: Rs.1, 706 for 4 Oz

8. Regenerative Hydrating Hair Mask By Moroccan Organics:

This cuticle targeting organic hair mask works well against the damage caused due to sun, heat and excessive styling. It effectively protects the hair cuticle against damage and wipes off the existing signs of hair damage too. Its organic formula offers color locking benefits.

Price: $22 approximately for 118.3 ml

9. Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Hair Mask By Organix:

This is the best organic hair mask for dry hair. It is a keratin rich hair mask that offers unmatched shine and strength to all hair follicles. It deeply nourishes dry hair and makes them longer and shinier. It can control frizz to a certain extent too.

Price: Rs. 725 for 236 ml

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10. Hair Masque by ORS:

This organic hair mask is a conditioning treatment for hair damaged due to color and heat. It improves the texture of tangled and brittle hair. It imparts strength and shine, both.

Price: $10 approximately for 312 grams

These amazing organic hair masks are true companions of women suffering from hair damage. They work effectively to rebuild each hair strand and restore lost shine, color and strength.

Which organic hair mask is your personal favourite? Do you use a hair mask from our pick of top 10 organic hair masks already? Do share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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