The wedding season is coming up, and what’s a wedding without some glamour and oomph? The mehendi ceremony is one of the most fun-filled and glamorous pre-wedding occasions in India which generally takes place a day or two prior to the wedding. It is considered to be one of the oldest wedding traditions.

The traditional designs of mehendi have become more decorative and intricate with time, with people getting more and more creative.

This wedding season, we have compiled some of the most stunning bridal mehendi designs that you will absolutely adore.

1. The Paisley Print

The Paisley Print

Picture Credit: Instagram

The paisley print is a timeless classic. The curved motifs are done in many forms, like the popular mango design. The design has small and pretty paisleys on the fingertips and larger paisleys on the palm. The curvy tips add a smooth flow to the design while the intricate strokes emphasize the symmetry.

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2. The Floral Pattern:

The Floral Pattern

Picture Credit: Instagram

Flowers are considered to be a neutral motif to wear as they are bound to match with any bridal attire.

This pattern is all floral and completely fabulous. The tiny leaves accentuate the bride’s long fingers and the large flower design is shaded to create depth. With petals and vines of various sizes, the design looks very delicate, yet intriguing.

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3. The Royal Architecture:

The Royal Architecture

Picture Credit: Instagram

This henna design will remind you of the detailed architectural designs that you find at an ancient Mughal palace. The domes and floral designs resemble the designs carved into cemented pillars of a royal residence.  The major focus of this design is the chequered and split pattern – very similar to a tapestry, but we cannot ignore the paisleys and petals on the wrist and fingers, as they are pretty eye-catching too.

It’s very easy to get mesmerized by the pattern of this bridal design.

4. The Raja And Rani:

The Raja And Rani

Picture Credit: Instagram

The raja and rani motif is very common in bridal mehendi designs. This design showcases an artwork of a king and queen from the Mughal era. Despite the intricate patterns which have been drawn around the two faces, the focal point of the design stands apart.

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5. The Elephant Motif

The Peacock Passion

Picture Credit:

The elephant-featured mehendi is one of the most favorite Indian bridal mehendi designs. The curvy and swirly patterns add a distinct flair to the design, keeping the feet decorated, but not to such an extent that the elephants go unnoticed. The elephant design is unique and different from common motifs such as peacocks and floral patterns.

6. The Peacock Passion

The Swirl

Picture Credit: Instagram

The elegant and stunning peacock design is adopted everywhere in Indian bridal looks – starting from bindis to lehengas, and of course, henna designs!

A peacock design with elaborated feathers can be easily incorporated with other motifs and floral patterns. Moreover, the grace of the peacock’s long neck and beautiful feathers is surely unbeatable.

7. The Swirl

Colored Mehendi Design

Picture Credit:

This curvy design is done on each finger, leaving a blank space between the palm and the fingers. The swirls and paisley pattern with dot accents forms a classic design for the brides who want to sport mehendi, but want it to be minimal.

8. Colored Mehendi Design

The Single Mandala

Picture Credit: Instagram

The colored mehendi design is relatively a new concept. The different colors stand out and make the design more interesting. Though this one is not a traditional design, many brides are experimenting with this  to sport something unique on their wedding day.

9. The Single Mandala

The Split Mandala

Picture Credit: Instagram

The mandala is a very common design in bridal mehendi – a large circle that usually serves as a base around which several patterns are drawn. The petals are often arranged to create a multi-dimensional look. Does this design remind you of the rays of the sun?

10. The Split Mandala

The Crafted Cuffs

Picture Credit: Instagram

A split mandala is usually the central focus of a henna design. With half of the circular pattern on one hand, and the other half on the second hand, the design is beautifully symmetrical.

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