This is a gorgeous eye makeup style which will simply take your breath away. The peacock eye makeup look is not really something which is an everyday’s choice but for a girl’s party or a disco or even for a special occasion; this can be extremely beautiful and stunning.

Things You Will Need:

Yes, it will not be easy to do and it will definitely take a lot of time. Still if you love experimenting with your looks, then give this eye makeup a try. Things you will need for this look are however simple and easy to get. These are as follows:

  • A concealer and foundation
  • A face compact
  • Eye shadow colours orange or bronze, blue shadow, green shadow (Here we are using a green eye shadow pencil), purple eye shadow, silver high lighter.
  • Glitter stones (you can use stone bindis too. If you have stones and they are not sticking properly, you can get body glue for sticking the stones near your eyes)
  • Kajal pencil/Black liner pencil (black liner pencil needs to be highly sharpened)
  • Liquid Eye Liner
  • Mascara
  • Lash Curler
  • Lash Comb
  • You may additionally use false eye lashes too (make sure to stick your false lashes before you set out for the makeup part)

And now to proceed with how to do peacock eye makeup.


Step 1:

On clean eye lids, apply concealer and foundation. Follow it up with a compact for a flawless texture. Before starting any makeup on any part of the body, it’s very important that your skin is free from all sorts of oil, dirt or grime. If your pores have oil or sebum locked in them and you are doing makeup over it, neither will your makeup sit and stay on your skin properly nor will your skin be able to breathe. Make sure your face is cleansed and dry from all sorts of oil and dirt.

Step 2:

Apply the orange or bronze on to the brow bones. Blend well and evenly.

Step 3:

Use the green on to the lower exterior half of the brow bones.

Step 4:

Use the silver highlighter at the nose-eye junction. Use the silver highlighter on to the demarcation between the orange/bronze and the green shadow. It looks similar to the hues of Indian Tricolour Flag here.

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Step 5:

Apply the blue shadow on to the whole of the eye lid and also below the lower rim in a broad fashion.

Step 6:

Take the purple eye shadow and use it on to the top section above the lid at the exterior side. See how it is used here.

Step 7:

Take the liquid liner and draw a double winged lining on the top lid. There is a reason why we are doing this first before some extra touches needs to be added to the makeup.

Step 8:

Use the pencil liner or kajal on to the lower rim.

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Step 9:

Make sure the top liquid liner is completely dry so if you flutter your lids, no colour of liquid liner sticks to the crease area. Now comes a difficult drawing part. If you do not want to do this step then you can skip it. But doing this will only give your eye makeup a totally peacock style edge.

  • Take the finely sharpened black liner pencil and draw water drop let designs along the crease area, 3 or 4 in numbers. Fill in the inside with a blue shadow carefully.
  • Fill inside of the droplets with blue shadow.

Step 10:

Apply mascara in top to down fashion on the upper lashes and a zig zag form on to the lower lashes.

Step 11:

Brush out any excess or clumps of mascara with a mascara brush.

Step 12:

Use a lash curler if you want added curl.

Step 13:

Complete the peacock eye makeup by sticking the stones at the sides of the eyes in an upward fashion.

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Step 14:

Here is how the complete look should look like.

Ravishing eye makeup, isn’t it? Please leave your comments below.

  • Mansi

    really nice :)

  • Soumya

    Heyy, it was really awesome. :) Can’t wait to try this eye make-up on myself. It’s so cool. thanks for such a pretty eye make-up tutorial.

  • Bhoomika

    Very interesting tutorial! Totally loved the colors used and the step by step explanation with the pictures actually makes this eye makeup pretty easy. Totally love it!

  • Sanya

    Beautiful, simply loved it :) I would definitely like to try this eye makeup.. Thanks for sharing!