You can wear a messy, unkempt hairdo to red carpet event or to a simple house party. From messy ponytails to braids to even pixies, the options for the non-tailored styles are myriad. There is no need for any styling product to keep the style tight in place. The messy flyaway’s and the free bangs all add to the untidy chic style. These styles take less time and effort. So go ahead and try them out.

We list out 50 different Messy hairstyles which you can try out.

1. Messy Side Part:


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A side part with messy curly waves gives a sexy feel to the style. It’s unkempt yet attractive. You don’t need a styling product for this.

2. Wrinkled Ombre Waves:


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The spikes like waves are easy to get. Use the fingers to style the wet hair this after applying a hair gel or mousse. The spikes are blunt and exude a messy essence to the pixie.

3. Subtle Tousled Waves:


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The hairdo gives a youthful touch to the personality. The fine bangs and crumpled layers give the perfect dishevelled style.

4. Messy Soft Curls with Fringes:


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The curly bangs and the loose small curls give the pretty uncombed style. You can wear the style even for formal events.

5. Messy High Ponytails:


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The messy high ponytail is the perfect messy chic hairdo. The hair in front is pulled back neatly into the tousled style ponytail.

6. Messy Curls Accessorised with a Hat:


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The messy curls swept on one side display a very elegant and sophisticated style. The big pink hat is just right for the style

7. Messy Layered Medium Length Bob:


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The untidy bob is one of the best messy hairstyles for that evening dinner. The soft makeup complements the hairdo.

8. Blonde Messy High Ponytail:


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The messy ponytail exudes the sexy and chic essence. Partnered with a dash of red lip colour the hairdo is dressed very chic.

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9. Softly Tousled Spiral Curls:


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The softly tousled style is just right for evening get-together. The slightly messy curls offer a cute tender touch to the style.

10. Messy Half up Half Down:


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This messy style is perfect for a wedding part or a reception gala. The ‘do’ appears unkempt but is still incredibly chic. The flower accessory just makes it perfect.

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