Wondering how Kajal will look without makeup? This is a common question among her fans. The famous actress Kajal Agarwal is naturally beautiful and needs no make up to define or highlight her looks. She started her career in South Indian films and even acted in couple of Bollywood films.

Kajal Agarwal Without Makeup

Look 1:

Kajal is simply gorgeous. Her cheeks automatically turn red when she blushes and needs no blusher. In this picture, she is looking super cute. She looks like a girl in early 20s. This picture is a perfect example to show that she needs no make up to define her looks. Kajal Agarwal without make up is just as stunning too.

Look 2:

Falling in love with this pretty girl? She is just 28 years old and has no wrinkles or spots on her skin which she needs to hide with the help of makeup. She looks better without make up. In this picture, she’s wearing a simple white salwar suit and still manages to look gorgeous.

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Look 3:

Isn’t she looking very cute and charming in this pink night suit? May be she is shooting for a nightwear brand. She is looking like a pretty daisy in this cute dress. She needs no make up to look so pretty naturally.

Look 4:

Wondering whether she is Kajal or not? Yes she is! She is looking funny with her spectacles and curly hair. Spectacles are hiding her natural beauty and even her magnificent eyes and she looks much better without them.. She is wearing a light pink top accompanied by a deep blue jacket but they have no role to play in defining her looks.

Look 5:

Kajal is spotted acting without makeup in some of her films. Kajal looks gorgeous without makeup and hence should try her best to stay away from them. In this picture, most probably Kajal is shooting for some film; she’s looking picture perfect in this simple black suit.

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Look 6:

Kajal is usually spotted without any makeup. Whether she is out for shopping or interacting with the media for her films’ promotions, she always looks her usual self. This is the biggest reason to conclude that she is a natural beauty. Whether she is with makeup or without makeup, she always manages to look pretty. In this picture, she is wearing a simple printed kurti and looking beautiful as usual.

Look 7:

We are not getting a single chance to complain. Her fair complexion and engaging smile makes her look more adorable. This simple white dress is just looking picture perfect. It has been observed that though she wears simple dresses she still looks better than any other Bollywood actresses without makeup.

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Look 8:

‘Cute’ is the word that best defines this picture. This pink top with jeans and matching pink hair band is giving her a delightful look.

Look 9:

Kajal looks fabulous in almost all her pictures. Her beauty enhances when she wears lighter hues. The pink top in this picture suits her perfectly.

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Look 10:

Kajal is a perfectionist though she lacks sound dressing knowledge. In this picture, her face looks perfect; however, her dressing sense is not that attractive. She should work on her attire to look like a million bucks.

Hope you liked these pics of Kajal Agarwal without makeup! Please leave us a comment below.

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  • Simrin

    nice photo shots!! with out makeup she looks cute :)

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    Wow!! her cheeks are cute!! beautiful star in tolly wood :)

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    She looks cute khushboo beautiful collection thanks for the share …

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    She is pretty even without make up kushboo nice share ….

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      aap bhe tu pretty hen

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    I like her movies she is so cute nice post khushboo

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    Really pretty :)

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    I like her cute smile , may god bless her all happiness what she desire!

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    thankyou all ! :)

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    Nice compilation of pictures. The post is really good and enjoyed reading this article.

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    Enjoyed reading about Kajal. I think she looks far better than other contemporary actresses as she is naturally beautiful and vivacious. She is blessed with good features and beautiful hair. Enjoyed reading the post! Do share more write-ups, Khusboo. Would love to come back for more such articles :)

  • Anonymous

    i love kajal very much and his simplicity his smile i also want to be like her

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    Kajal Agrawal is my favourite actress. She looks always cute.