Mila Kunis is an ace American actor. In addition to her acting talent, Kunis is extremely popular as a leading voice artist. Born in Ukraine in 1983, Mila Kunis started her career at the age of 10 when she moved to Los Angeles with her family. Her potential was soon discovered by an agent who eventually took her into the world of glamour. Kunis started her career by performing in several television commercials, until she got a breakthrough in ‘That ‘70s Show’ in the year 1998. Her voice work in the ‘Family Guy’, the popular cartoon series attained much appreciation. Finally, she signed into the world of films, and soon proved her magic on the silver screen. Ever since then, Mila Kunis has come up with a number of blockbuster hits like ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’.

Mila Kunis has become a heartthrob not just for her acting talent but also due to her matchless style statements. A hard-core believer in minimal makeup, Kunis loves to flaunt a no-makeup look most of the times. Her big and expressive eyes and those pouty lips, give her a sensual appearance even without the slightest touch up. Check out some sensational pictures of Mila Kunis without makeup!

Mila Kunis without Makeup:

1. The melancholic look:

This picture of Mila Kunis without make up was taken when she went out on shopping. Here she appears to be walking in a melancholic posture. Her straight burgundy colored hair has augmented the gravity of this posture.

2. The girl next door look:

Mila Kunis looks comfortable here walking around with her partner Ashton Kutcher.

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3. The adorable look:

It is hard to spot celebrities without makeup. However, if you are lucky enough, you can catch such a glimpse at times. Walking with an earplug in a melancholic style, Kunis is looking extraordinary as always.

4. The bubbly Barbie look:

Mila Kunis can hardly do away with her favorite bubbly Barbie look. Have a look at this fascinating pink frock, which is looking gorgeous on her. With the balloons in hand, the Barbie look has become even more sensual.

5. No Photo Session Please!:

It may be really troublesome for celebrities whom the ever-inquisitive paparazzi never leave alone. This photo perfectly reveals how annoyed she was during the click.

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6. The ever hot diva:

the ever hot diva

Image source

Here’s a perfect no-makeup look with a pale face and undone hair; isn’t Mila Kunis looking fabulous here? With a hint of a smile on her pouty lips, she is looking amazingly sensual.

7. The meritorious girl:

the meritorious girl

Image source

Who said that celebrities do not attend colleges? Look at this image of Kunis with statistics books in her hand. Reports from her close links reveal that Kunis is very religious about attending her classes.

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8. The chocolate girl:

the chocolate girl

Image source

Chocolate milk shake is her favorite snack anytime. She forgets about diet and gym, whenever she is offered a glass of chocolate milk shake. Appearing in casual top and regular denims, Mila Kunis is looking like the girl next door in this image.

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9. The health-conscious couple:

The hottest rumor of the moment is that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are soon going to tie the knot. The actor and Kunis make sure to go for a healthy walk most of the days. She does not require special makeup to reflect her happiness.

10. True beauty of innocence:

true beauty of innocence

Image source

She might be dazzling with glamour in her movies, but here she appears to be an innocent and adorable girl while getting down from her car.

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