Do you consider yourself bold and daring enough, when it comes to styling your hair? If yes, then you are the correct page. This article is intended for fashionistas who love to sport exhibitionistic hairstyles and that too with complete ease as well as comfort.

Check out here the compilation of 50 popular Funky Hairstyles For Girls like you:

1. Crazy Buzz Cut:

Crazy Buzz Cut

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Go crazy this year with this bizarre buzz haircut. Your entire head should be covered with very short hair, which is absolutely next to a clean shaved head.

2. Flying Ponytail Braid:

Flying Ponytail Braid

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A stiff wavy ponytail braid like this can help you get all the attention instantly. Give the base of the braid a significant lift and keep texturizing it as you go for an unusual flying effect.

3. Highlighted Wispy Bob:


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Learn how to get a chic boho look with your short bob haircut. Here, the thin wavy and wispy layers are made to look stunning with those random highlights.

4. Tied Purple Hair With Shaved Sides:


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Here comes an interesting funky haircut for girls! Shave off both sides of your head and get the short center-top hair dyed deep purple. Tying it with an elastic band will make the style funkier.

5. Vibrant Multicolored Textured Locks:


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The vibrancy of this short multicolored bob will make you stand apart from others. If you are a person with funny bones, this textured hairstyle is what you would love to sport.

6. Airy and Volumized Top Hair:


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Here is a true punk look for girls, which features only top hair as the rest of the head is almost shaved. Tease up the hair a lot to add volume and spritz hairspray to maintain the airy flair.

7. Tight Voluptuous Copper-Red Curls:


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From super tight curls to extreme volume to bright copper-red shade, each and everything has perked up the appearance of this shoulder-length layered bob and given it a rockstar look.

8. Random Bold Spikes:


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Here comes one of the best short funky hairstyles for girls whose style statement is ‘bold and beautiful’! Keep both sides of your head shaved and cover the remaining area with random blonde spikes.

9. Super High Pompadour With Highlights:


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Add some height to the top-front of your head with this wild super-high pompadour. Beautiful highlights and ultimate smooth finish will make the look eye-catching.

10. Sleek and Sharp Ultra-Stylish Hair:


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Now, this is an ultra-stylish hairstyle that you should never ever try at your home. Only a pro can create that perfect top roll and those sharp hair blades on sleek smooth beautiful tresses.

11. Sparkling Ombre Waves:


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Look sizzling hot in this atypical ombre waves and snatch the attention of all fashion-lovers. The sexy beachy effect has made the long waves even more sensual.

12. Messy Stray Layers With Volume:


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Ask your stylist to layer your thick straight hair in no specific pattern. Then, tease up the layers to create a messy voluminous and absolutely strange look.

13. Mysterious Long Hair:


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Here comes another funky hairstyle for girls with long hair. This weird and mysterious look can be a good choice for your next Halloween party. In fact, you can wear it anytime, if you want a real funky look. And don’t forget a loud makeup to match the hairstyle up.

14. Asymmetric Coily Bob With Blue Highlights:


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A coily bob with an asymmetric shape is not very common around us. Here, the jet black coils are spiced up with a wide layer of deep blue highlights.

15. Upside Down Triangular Purple Braid With Folded Ends:


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Not everyone can dare to try this freaky purple hairstyle in which the hair at the back is maintained in the shape of a triangle, while the rest of the head is shaved completely. You just need to make the braid upside down and clip the folded ends at the crown. So, ready for it?

16. Gigantic Mohawk With Extra Volume:


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This is a platinum blonde Mohawk hair, which is significantly different from other similar styles. Get it volumized as much as possible to come up with this eccentric look and you are ready to rock!

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17. Fringed Waves to Rolled Back Top:


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Get your platinum blonde hair fringed and roll the top of the waves back to one side. Volumize it intensely and add deep as well as cobalt blue highlights to it. Quite unconventional!

18. Colorful High Twisted Hair With Thick Layers:


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Get playful with your hair by choosing the bright shades of yellow, pink and silver for it. Twist, fold and clip the painted locks in such a manner that it turns into a high effervescent hairdo.


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