6 Pre Workout And 5 Post Workout Nutrition Rich Foods February 1, 2017

Proper nutrition is extremely necessary for your body. It becomes even more important when you workout for hours. Hence, you should pay adequate attention to what you intake on a daily basis. Proper pre and post workout nutrition is the only measure that will bring forth wonderful results. If you are really concerned about fat loss, you have to intake all the nutritious stuff like proteins, carbs etc. In addition to this, you have to put an end to eating fast food.

On listening to the words, ‘weight loss’, the first things that come to your mind are dieting and workout. You are comfortable with workouts, but leaving out your favorite stuff and going for some boiled vegetables is not easy at all. You need not worry. There are many healthy salads that you can eat and these can easily help you to lose weight. These salads will not only help you in losing weight, but will also help you to intake the right amount of proteins. And believe me; it is not tough at all.

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I will be telling you about some pre and post workout nutrition foods that you should take alongside your workout.

Best Pre Workout Nutrition:

Pre Workout Meals Pinit

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As the name suggests, pre workout meals are the meals that you should take before your workout. This meal is also termed as the energy phase as it works for you for the number of hours you carry on with your workout. A pre workout meal is very necessary before a workout because it helps in reducing post workout cortisol levels, muscle glycogen depletion and muscle protein breakdown. The main purpose of this meal is to help you consume protein in some or the other form.

Now again, there are many important things to remember such as how many hours prior to your workout should you eat the meal. What kind of stuff will give you the proper amount of carbs and proteins? Well the answer is really simple. You don’t need to make a lot of preparation.

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Check out the list:

  1. Almond milk- Go for unsweetened almond milk before your workout.
  2. Sports drinks- Sports drinks supply lots of electrolytes to your body.
  3. Carbohydrate gel- Carbohydrate gel is a nutrition gel that provides you with a lot of carbs.
  4. Protein shake- Protein shake, as the name suggests, is full of proteins.
  5. Smoothie- This is to be prepared with 8 oz coconut water, fruits like strawberries and bananas,and a pinch of fresh ginger.
  6. Bananas- Bananas added with butter provide you with a lot of proteins.

Best Post Workout Nutrition:

Post Workout Meals Pinit

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A post workout meal is the meal to be taken after your workout and is known as the anabolic phase whereas the pre workout meal is known as the energy phase. The main purpose of a post workout meal is to furnish your body and recover you from energy loss.

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A post workout meal helps in reducing muscle protein breakdown, muscle soreness and fatigue, cortisol levels, increases muscle protein synthesis, and enhances overall recovery. Check out the options:

1. Chicken stir fry:

Chicken stir fry is a really good food to provide carbohydrates to your body. It contains a lot of lean protein, niacin and so many other nutrients too. This food will provide your muscles with enough glucose.

2. Toasted whole wheat bagel with almond butter:

Whole wheat is very rich in calories and carbs, and almond butter is full of potassium and electrolytes, responsible for maintaining muscle contractions. Almond butter helps in maintaining testosterone, the hormone essential for protein synthesis.

3. Dried fruits and nuts:

Fruits and nuts are easy to keep in your bag and eat. Nuts contain too many proteins.

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4. Tuna and whole wheat crackers:

This snack is low in fat and high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

5. Salmon with mashed potatoes and salad:

Salmon, like tuna, is full of omega 3 acids. When salmon is mixed with mashed potatoes, it becomes really high on GI. This will result in a hearty serving of glucose-giving carbs.

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Hope you found the post useful. So, will you include these pre and post workout nutrition foods from here on? Leave us your feedback below.

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  • Shalini

    Hey, this really makes one feel content when they worry leaving their favorite foods while performing workouts. Good that there are many healthy tastier foods rather than just depending on raw salads. Thanq for sharing this article. It really boosts me up now to follow a workout to lose weight!