Pre-Bridal Skin Care June 27, 2016

Wedding is the most special day of every girl’s life. It is like a golden dream to her.  In every wedding, bride is the center of attraction. Everyone notes how she is dressed up, how she looks and how elegant she behaves. Even though the makeup cosmetics help in beautifying your face and body features, some advanced skin care routines help you a lot in looking like a queen in your wedding. Some of those skincare treatments can be done at home and others at parlours. Following are the natural skincare tips for every girl who is waiting for her BIG day! You can also follow these to rock in a party or your first date or how to take care of skin at home.

Say ‘no’ to acne

Are you suffering from those often visiting ugly acne bumps? This is the first thing you should avoid when it comes to pre bridal or pre party skin care. These acne bumps not only irritate and hurt skin but also leave ugly dark spots and marks behind. Whatever expensive good quality concealers and foundations you use on your special wedding day, it becomes impossible to hide those ugly acne marks sometimes. Invest in a good acne clearing moisturizer if you are experiencing with acne problem and also do not forget to stock up some ‘acne preventing creams’ because they can visit and trouble you anytime. Prevention is better than cure isn’t it?

Include colours in your diet

No! Colours doesn’t mean colourful junk foods and snacks! They are the first thing to avoid in pre bridal skincare diet. Avoid all those fried and processed food items and snack some fresh fruits whenever you feel to have something. It is hard for you to avoid some mouth watering junk foods but no, you cannot look beautiful on your wedding day if you do not have diet control. Bad diet may bring many adverse effects.

They may lead to sudden weight gain due to the abnormal fat contents, spicy ingredients make skin look dull and moreover junk foods usually cause acne and uneven skin tone. Make sure to include at least 3 kinds of fruits in your daily diet. Have a glass of fresh carrot juice or sweet lime juice every morning in empty stomach. These both do wonders in making your skin glow like gold if taken daily. You can also add fresh greens, beans and other fruits in your daily skincare diet to achieve that bridal glow on your face and health.

Don’t skip your sunscreen

Whatever skincare practices you follow to improve your skin texture, without prevention everything would go in vain. Your skin should be well protected with a sunscreen or sunblock lotion before stepping out in sun every time. No, those clouds might fool you! Be careful you need sunscreen in winters too. Those harmful UV rays exist throughout the year. Make sure to choose your sunscreen with high SPF for longer protection.

It is necessary to re apply your sunscreen if you are out in sun for more than 3-4 hours. A good sun protection saves skin from tan, sun burns and ugly sun spots.

But while waiting for your special wedding day, you need to know some skincare facts and mistakes to avoid for pampering your skin in the right way. Let us check in this part some natural substitutes for store bought products and some skincare product usage rules to get most of your pre bridal skin care.

Two important rules to follow:

Don’t test new products

Never ever try new skincare orcosmetics on your skin while your wedding day is nearing. Even though they are herbal or recommended by your friends or family, stay away from new products. They might be allergic to your skin and spoil the whole beauty. Always use experienced cosmetics before wedding to prevent your skin from unwanted allergies and reactions.

Do not over do

Planning to improve your skin fast, do not try using all kinds of products at a time. It doesn’t mean your skin glows if you use lots of cosmetics and other natural skincare recipes on your skin at a time. Give time for your skin to breathe well. Mixing of skincare products or using them with less time intervals may also lead to skin reactions and allergies.

Some DIY alternates

When you run out of your store bought skincare products you skip it a whole day and thus leads to adverse effects on your pre bridal beauty regime. For example, if your favorite lip balm ran out and when you are using nothing on your lips to moisturize them, they become chapped and dark within a day, especially in winters. You need many more products to make it alright back. Hence, prevention is better than cure always. If it is with your natural DIY recipe then it’s even better because it is ‘natural’ without chemicals or preservatives. Check these two quick and natural DIY recipes to make use of in your pre bridal skincare regime.

Lip balm

Grate 4 teaspoons beewax and melt it in a double boiler, after it gets melted completely switch off the stove and quickly add 2 drops of vitamin E oil and a drop of vanilla essence (optional, just for the flavor) to it. Your homemade yummy smelling lip balm is ready for usage! Store it in a clean tub and refrigerate.

Tan removing face pack

Mix two teaspoons of chickpea powder with a teaspoon of orange peel powder and required honey to make a thick paste. Your natural DIY face pack is all ready now. After a long sunny day, pamper your skin with this tan removing pack to achieve glowing complexion.

Tit bit:

All DIY recipes should be used soon after the preparation for maximum benefits, because they have no preservative content. Hence do not store them and use for the next day and risk your skin. The above given lip balm can be used within a month if handled with clean finger or applicator.

While protecting your skin from unwanted cosmetics and other new remedies is necessary, it is also essential to brighten up your facial skin before your special ‘wedding day’. Yes! Whether you are a milky white beauty, a dark chocolate beauty or a dusky beauty, ‘bright skin’ is something different. Fair and pale skin isn’t always bright and it’s a myth that just white skin is beautiful. Whatever skin tone you have, maintaining it healthy and glowing is the real beauty. Let us check two interesting pre bridal facial skin brightening packs in this post, they also helps in lightening spots and scars naturally.

Nourish dry skin – Get that glow

Dryness is the main reason for dull and lifeless skin. Whatever skin lightening products and other remedies you follow, where there is dryness there won’t be any glow. When our body is dehydrated we fall sick and when our skin is dehydrated without a moisturizer, it falls sick and looks unattractive. Stick to a rich, creamy moisturizer to maintain moisture balance in your skin, especially in winters. A simple homemade almond mask can nourish your skin and help brightening it in an effective way.


5-8 Almonds

Required milk

2 teaspoons of mashed avocado


Soak almonds in water overnight. Peel off the skins and blend the soaked almonds together with milk and mashed avocado. Blend until smooth and apply this mask on your cleansed face. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash it off cold, clean water. Pat dry and moisturize skin.

Brighten up your oily skin

While the dry skin types need extra nourishment to achieve that glow, excess oiliness should be controlled in oily skin types for a fresh bright look. Oiliness may also lead to ugly zits and dullness. Let us check how orange peels can help in brightening your oily skin.


2 teaspoons of orange peel powder

A teaspoon of chickpea flour

Required butter milk


Mix all the ingredients together and spread on your cleansed face concentrating more on the T-zone area.  Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off with fresh water. This pack helps in removing excess oiliness from the facial skin leaving it fresh, clean and of course bright.

Tit bits to remember:

  • Use a face pack/mask that suits your skin type. Any one of the above facial recipes is suitable for twice to thrice weekly usages to achieve the glow on your facial skin fast. These recipes will help a lot in your pre bridal skincare routine.
  • Fullers earth could also help in oil controlling hence can be included on masks for oily skin types.

So beauties! Are you ready to start your bridal skincare routine?

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