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Pretty Feet for All With Fake Toe Nails

Pretty Feet for All With Fake Toe Nails November 6, 2017

Let us get this thing straight, there are very few women in this world who are born with perfect long and pretty toenails. Period. And if you are one of them who depends on artificial nails, then the following procedure will help you learn about the best ways to use acrylic nails at home. So read ahead and glam up your toenails in no time.

Artificial Nails For Toes

If you are an artificial nail virgin, then go to a proper salon to avail these artificial nails in acrylic or gel type. For the others trying at home, like artificial fingernails kits, artificial toenails are easily available in the market. We love acrylic tips, they just stick on the end of the nails and make your entire look a lot more natural. The artificial nail come in many colors, forms, pattern and designs, like our favourite airbrushed nail art.

Sticking fake toenails is similar to applying acrylic nails on your finger nails – easy and fun. The kit has standard sizes that fit all nail types and can be easily applied at home by following these steps

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Step 1

Before you get started with the procedure, select your fake toenails ideally of your size, but if you want you can pick a long one as well. Ensure the fake nails fit over your real nails. Just in case if you wish to change the shape of the nail then file them with using a nail file. Next, clean and dry your natural nail bed properly.

Step 2

Now for the next step, put a small drop of glue on your toenails and press your nails firmly by holding it for about 20 to 30 seconds. Use acetone based nail remover, like Konad or Ranara tip remover, if the glue gets onto your skin. This will help you melt the glue down. Ensure you don’t over apply your glue. Otherwise, the nail will appear too thick.

Step 3

Clean your nails occasionally and properly. You can easily do this at home, most of the times women skip this step. You can use Sally Hansen Clip & Catch Control Grip Nail Clipper to cut your nails and shape the free edges with a nail file.

Step 4

If you’re planning to go all neat with your toenails then before painting them in your desired nail polish, make sure you begin with applying a clear coat of base coat at the uncovered tip. Once done, allow it to dry and then apply double coats of your solid colours or create a funky nail art and ta-da you are good to go.

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When planning to remove your fake toenails, remember not to pull them off, instead keep these steps in mind. Start the procedure by soaking your nails in an acetone-based polish remover. This will loosen your nails absolutely in no time. We suggest you to use Konad and Ranara tip remover. Another point is to take good care of your fake toenails. Especially when you are wearing your shoes, make sure the nails are not loose or ill-fitted as they can easily break in such situations and can lead to some serious injuries.

So there you have it, whether you are curious to try acrylic nail for the first time or have applied it before, we hope you loved reading these step by step how to apply acrylic nails instructions. Besides sticking long and pretty fake toenails can help your feet look amazing. Let us know if you have any suggestions. We value your feedback.

Bonus: Here is a simple Android Nail Art App that will give you a huge collection of images for inspiration.

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