Qigong Exercises – Everything You Need To Know January 25, 2017

We all have heard about Qigong meditation, but how many of us actually know about Qigong exercises? These exercises are extremely simple but take some time to master. They come with several health benefits that rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Qigong exercises are great for all those who are looking for something new and interesting to explore.

On that note, this post talks about the various Qigong exercises that can improve your life. To know more, keep reading!

All You Need To Know About Qigong

Qigong is a health care system derived 2,000 years ago in the beautiful country of China. It consists of movements that stretch the body, increase body fluids, and build awareness of the body. Qigong is best known to us for its ability to boost mental clarity, to build internal energy and balance emotions. Qigong can be practised by people belonging to any religion, even though it is Taoism that had endorsed it. Neither can it be categorized as a cult. It is always practised in locations that are quiet and private.

Following is the list of Qigong exercises you can benefit from

1. Energy Gate Exercises

Energy gate exercises are quite an important part of every Qigong routine. They help in reducing stress, improve overall health and prevent signs of aging. In addition, energy gate exercises are best known for boosting blood circulation. They are more than just being fit and looking good. There are six sequential exercises that fall under the category.

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2. Heaven And Earth Qigong

Heaven and earth Qigong helps in opening up your mind. It helps you explore more possibilities, and changes your mind, body and soul for the better. Usually,people get bored practising the same routine everyday, but heaven and earth Qigong is something that will definitely keep you interested. According to Qigong experts, this section will help you become more aware and alert. It will reduce tension and stress within your body and boost circulation of blood around the joints.

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3. Bend The Bow Qigong

Bend the bow Qigong helps in strengthening the spine. It controls the energy of the spine and takes care of back problems and improves spine health. Here, you will be taught breathing techniques and physical movements that will help you balance your body and improve the spinal vertebrae. The exercises are quite easy but take a little practice to master.

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4. Spiralling Energy Body Qigong

This practice will help you raise the energy levels significantly. The moves involve either spirals or circles. It is best for physic practices. Most people like to believe that exercises like these help in developing the energy potential and bring out their hidden capacity.

Spiralling energy body Qigong activates the body, recharges it, and removes all the negative energy.

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5. Gods In The Clouds

Gods in the clouds brings us to the final stage of Qigong exercises. It makes your bones stronger, stabilizes the heart, releases more spiritual energy and energizes your brain. Gods in the clouds iseffective and acts as a bridge to the Taoist meditation technique. There couldn’t be a better way to balance the energies in your body than this.

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Now that you know how to do Qigong exercises, what are you waiting for? Have you tried Qigong exercises before? Let us know your experiences in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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