10 Quick Beauty Tips For Busy Moms August 8, 2016

Mothers are busy, we all know that. Do you happen to be a busy mom who often feels the lack of time for personal grooming? Do you feel being a mother, it wouldn’t be possible for you to make yourself stylish and presentable? Ever since you became a mom, it’s always been about the little one, what he eats, what he wears. You almost forfeit a big part of your life now that you have to give time to the kids. You will rarely have time to get dressed up and take time off to get some beauty treatments done (1).

But then, being a mother you can still be trendy in your own way! And this post tells you how!

Read on to know the top quick beauty tips for busy moms that can make her own fashion statement!

1. Get A Groovy Haircut:

The most important thing to do is get a good haircut. Ask your stylist to give you an easy-to-maintain hairstyle, one that doesn’t take too long to style. Usually, hair lengths between the chin and shoulder length are the most convenient, not too long to manage, and not too short to tie up. For the most mommy-friendly cut, look for something that falls between your chin and shoulders, so it’s not too long to manage, but you can still put it back in a ponytail.

2. Work On Those Eyelashes:

Long lashes equal beautiful woman. Try and find a mascara that beefs up or lengthens your eyelashes. Long lashes also make the eyes appear larger, which is another good reason why busy moms should consider lengthening those eye lashes.

3. Curl Those Lashes:

Although this might seem like a pointless step when you don’t have time, taking those extra seconds to curl your lashes is worth it! We know that lashes make your eyes look larger, but curling the lashes makes them look brighter and healthier at the same time.

4. Buy An Effective Concealer:

Here comes one of the most effective beauty tips for new moms. As a mum, dark circles under the eyes are something that all of you have faced. In fact, it comes with the territory. So, to ensure you don’t look tired or worn out, buy an effective concealer to cover those dark circles and get a fake rested look.

5. Take A Long Bath:

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We know that being a mom and running around after the kids all day can be quite tiring. This excruciating routine hardly leaves you any time to enjoy a massage. So, do the next best thing, get into a warm bath or take a refreshing shower before you go to sleep to feel fresh and de-stressed. Bathing will relax the mind and the body, leaving you with glowing skin.

6. Moisturize The Skin:

Remember to use a moisturizer regularly. You will hardly have enough time to apply foundation or makeup. Do the best thing by using tinted moisturizers. Apart from keeping the skin supple, you can be ready to go immediately.

7. Wash The Face:

As a mom, sleep deprivation is quite common for you. One look in the mirror and your puffy eyes stare back at you, deprived of sleep. Splash water onto the face; make sure that you splash water on your puffy eyes. This will help relax them and make them appear less red.

8. Buy A Pair Of Tweezers:

We know that as a mum, you don’t have time to apply foundation, so forget about threading your eyebrows. Buy a pair of tweezers and pluck the extra hair out of your eyebrows regularly to get that fresh-faced look every day.

9. Use Lip Gloss:

Remember to keep a lip gloss, lipstick or lip liner on you at all times, even if you’re in a hurry. Lip gloss is the quickest and the most efficient way to smarten yourself up if you don’t have enough time in your hands.

10. Use Makeup Sparingly:

Makeup isn’t something that you should rely on too much. However, remember to remove your makeup before you go to bed. Keep a pack of wet-wipes or tissues on the side of the bed.

Here are tips specific to mothers with children of different ages.

Moms With Toddlers:

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New moms should always opt for quick fixes as most of their time will be spent in handling the baby. Beauty tips for new moms include:

  1. A “pick-me-up” face mask can leave your skin clean and glowing. Cleanse the skin. Mix honey with egg white and apply it on the face. Wash off with water after 20 minutes.
  1. Give your hair a quick tea-water and lemon rinse after shampoo, to add shine. Boil used tea leaves again in enough water. After boiling, you should have about 4 cups of tea-water. Cool and strain it. Then add the juice of a lemon and use it as a last rinse after shampoo.
  1. You have no time to shampoo. A quick emergency treatment is what you need. Sprinkle a little eau de cologne on your brush and brush your hair. It absorbs oil and leaves your hair cleaner and fragrant.

Moms With Teenagers:

Moms with teenagers should try to mask their aging skin. They require regular skin care regimes. Here are the tips for making beauty moms:

  1. In the morning, before bathing, don’t forget to cleanse and tone your skin. Always keep your cotton wool and cleanser in your bathroom. Apply the cleanser on the face. After few minutes, wipe your face with moist cotton wool.
  1. Give the skin a compress with cotton wool pads soaked in chilled rose water. The rose-water soaked pads can be used as eye pads too. Lie down with the eye pads on for 10 minutes. This is extremely relaxing and a great restorer of both body and mind. It helps to remove fatigue and brighten the eyes.
  1. Facial masks are easy to use. You can do your household chores after applying the mask. Prepare your own mask with almond meal (ground badam), wheat bran (choker) and one teaspoon each of egg white, yogurt and honey. You can store the excess in your refrigerator for later use. Saves your time for sure!
  1. Before bedtime, soak your feet in hot water for around 20 minutes. Add shampoo and coarse salt to the hot water before soaking. Rub your heels gently with the help of a heel scrubber or a pumice stone. Never use metal scrubbers. Wash your feet and massage with a nourishing foot cream. Rub it well into the skin. Don’t forget to apply on the cracked heels. With a clean cloth, bandage the heels and wear a clean pair of cotton socks. For one week, repeat the procedure every single night. Consult a doctor immediately, if there is any pain or bleeding.

For Mothers Who Are Also Grandmothers:

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Mothers of this phase mostly complain of wrinkles, fine lines and more skin issues. The mom beauty tips include:

  1. To take care of your eyes, remember to apply pure almond oil around eyes. Using your ring finger, gently massage the area around your eyes for one minute.
  1. Used tea bags are an effective natural remedy for puffy and swollen eyes. Soak the used tea bags in lukewarm water for a minute. Squeeze out the excess water and use them as eye pads.
  1. For a natural manicure, take 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon juice and oil right before application. Take the mix on the palms and keel rubbing your hands together till the sugar dissolves. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash off with water.

You deserve to look beautiful. Share your ideas and feedback on beauty tips for moms in the comment section.

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