How To Quit Sugar In 5 Days! January 31, 2017

Consider this.

The mere view of a box of doughnuts makes you leap from your place and pounce over it with unstoppable greed. Sweets, pastries and ice creams seem to form the inner lining of your stomach.

Or worse; how much ever you try, the absence of anything sugary only makes you go crazy.

If at all you are able to relate to the aforementioned statements, then probably it’s high time you put temporary brakes to your life. You might be heading too fast; so fast that you don’t even have time to check if you are killing yourself.

Owing to abnormal sugar cravings, you would have come across a ton of reasons from many people to quit sugar. Before I dive into the details of how you can successfully refrain from consuming sugar, first let’s see why you should do so.

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–  Sugar results in a cycle of hunger and moodiness, and chances are that you will get addicted to it. Initially you will feel happy and energized. But this is nothing but a trap. A ‘sugary’ trap, rather. Due to the lack of real nutrition in sugar, blood sugar plummets leaving you tired and hungry.

The result? You tend to lay your hands on more sugar.

– Sugar is one of the major causes of inflammation. Excess of sugar often leads to diabetes, cancer or heart disease.

– Sugar triggers the body to produce more insulin, which in turn triggers the fat cells in your body to store more fat.

I guess these reasons are more than sufficient for you to show your back to sugar.

But I know. It is not so easy.

There is some good news too. Unlike most of the so called medical practitioners or doctors preach, pushing away your sugar cravings takes not years, but days. Just five days. The bump on the road being that sugar cravings would be at their peaks in these five days. If you are able to exercise little more discipline, the rest of your life would be a smooth road.

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So wondering how to quit sugar in 5 days?  Here’s what you got to consume to virtually eradicate sugar cravings and stay sane at the same time!

1. Greens? Yes! Bread And Other Refined Carbs? NOO!

The problem with bread and other refined carbohydrates is that they are quickly converted into sugar. So there is sugar again, which initiates the same cycle and disrupts your ‘no-sugar’ mindset.

But greens are healthier. They are complex carbohydrates and will keep you satisfied and full for hours. See? No sugar at all and your belly is already satiated.


2. Dark Chocolate:

Ah wait. Before you roll up your sleeves and bust my nose (for having been anti-sugar and then recommending something which seems to contain nothing but sugar), give me a couple of minutes to explain.

Dark chocolate releases endorphins which keeps you happy without you having to grab a bowl of sugar. So now you are happy and you don’t eat sugar.

Awesome, no?

3. Protein, Fat And Fiber:

The best thing about these foods is they are very much satisfying and keep you full for longer. The even better thing is they help reduce cholesterol.

4. Water:

Water has more to it than merely quenching your thirst. It makes you feel full and flushes any extra sugar in your body.

Here is a bonus: It helps you lose weight too!

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5. Sour Foods:

I guess you know what I am going to tell. Sour foods, for obvious reasons, kick away sugar cravings. The Vitamin C they contain is good for health too!

So now that you know how to quit sugar in 5 days, what are you waiting for? You stick to this routine, and get ready to savour the taste of a healthy and energetic lifestyle; and that too, without sugar!

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