Rangolis are a very common sight during the festive season. They play an integral part in Indian festive celebrations and their shape and colours vary from region to region.

In our previous post, we gave you some nice and colourful Rangoli patterns which are sure to fetch you a lot of compliments and I am sure you loved them. But don’t you think it’s unfair to show you just the colourful ones? Rangolis are also beautiful when they are monochrome. We love how one can create innumerable monochrome designs of Rangoli using dots.

So we bring you some Rangolis which are created by just connecting the dots. Some of these designs are easy and some are a little difficult to do, but can be done with a little patience and hard work nonetheless. So if this is your first time, do not fret we have some simple designs for you too.  You also have a choice to keep the designs monochrome or use colours over it. So just enjoy making Rangolis and let the compliments flow your way.

Rangoli designs with dots

dots rangoli designs

1. Now this is a slightly tough one. There is a use of complex geometric patterns and shapes to make this Rangoli. One needs a lot of practice to get these results, so do try it and keep doing it till you get similar results. This design shows overlapping motifs and can be done on any occasion.

Difficulty: Complex

rangoli designs with dots

2. This one is shaped as an octagon and is different from the usual square or round shaped rangoli. Here dots have been used to connect and make this rangoli. We love the flower patterns and simple designs which make up for the whole Rangoli. This is also a complex rangoli, so those who are new to it might find it difficult to do.

Difficulty: Complex

dot rangoli patterns

3. This one is simpler than the two we showed earlier. This is a simple rangoli design with dots based on floral motifs and is created using the dots, so it will be easy for those who are new to making Rangolis. This design can be done on any occasion or festival as per your need. And the size can also be altered as per your desire.

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Difficulty: Simple

kolam patterns

4. Now this one is slightly difficult design having floral, geometric patterns and motifs. These types of rangoli designs take a lot of skill and practice. The main feature of this is the white patterns over the black background. The design is apt for any special celebration and will no doubt attract a lot of attention from your guests.

Difficulty: Complex

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rangoli designs with dots for ugadi

5. This one is quite easy to do even for a beginner. In this Rangoli, we see dots being used to draw the motifs of peacocks and flowers. The use of different coloured lines makes this stand out from the rest. Also the peacock motif is something which is unique.

Difficulty: Beginner

rangoli patterns with dots for kids

6. This particular one is a little tough but one may do it with a bit of practice and patience. The main theme here is leaves, flowers and other floral like patterns. As the motifs are not connected it makes it easier for those with minimum experience.

Difficulty: Moderate

dot rangoli designs for sankranthi

7. ‘Sankha’ is an inseparable part of Indian Religion and its significance is never to be forgotten. It is a part of all religious ceremonies and the sound of the Sankha is considered very holy. So this Rangoli uses the concept of Sankha patterns to make this design with dots. There are twelve similar looking Sankha’s with six of them forming a flower rangoli pattern and the others a circle around the flower.

Difficulty: Moderate

rangoli designs with dots small

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  • Simrin

    Woah! these rangolis look so amazing:) good one! I personally prefer freehand rangolis rather than dot ones as its kind of complicated to understand 😀 I love your compilation and cant wait to try them soon:) thanks

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Thanks Simrin :) Do share with us your ones when you try them



    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Thanks dear

  • Bhawna Sharma

    Very new to this art. Kindly explain the dot formation for pattern 19. regards

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      you may use a diamond/barfi shaped dot grid for it. If you want a small rangoli don’t go further than 20 dots in the middle. For a more larger pattern use as many numbered dots you like.

  • roopa

    your rangoli is very nice thanks again

  • nirusha

    can you tell me what are 14th dot pattern