Top 16 Reasons For Gaining Weight June 23, 2016

A fit and healthy person is always scared of gaining excessive weight. If you happen to be one of them, you might have tried all means for staying in shape. Experts often comment that one can fight the obesity problems efficiently, by knowing the factors that induce weight gain in different ways. When you are aware of such reasons for weight gain, you can restrain yourself cautiously.

It is true that various factors stimulate weight gain in direct or indirect ways. Modern day researches have shown that eating disorder is not the sole factor contributing to uncontrolled weight gain in human beings. Here are the top 10 factors responsible for rapid weight gain.

Top 16 Reasons for Weight Gain

The factors responsible for uncontrolled weight gain can be variable in nature. While some of the factors are prominent and can be managed through individual effort, others remain unknown to the patients troubled with obesity. It has been found that the factors of weight gain might vary from genetic to personal habits.

1. Improper Diet: Improper diet tops the factors that are responsible for unbalanced weight gain. A leading health journal in the United States has come out with the opinion that eating pattern of the human beings has changed rapidly over the last two decades. Our hectic job schedule and lack of time make us prone to eat outside foods invariably. Needless to mention that junk foods are not hygienic when compared to home-cooked foods. In addition, they are not nutritious too. Most of these foods are oily and unhealthy in nature. Eating such food items for prolonged time will obviously lead to weight gain beyond control.

2. Change of Lifestyle: Invention of computer has revolutionized the world in many ways. While it has bestowed innumerable advantages upon man, it has enforced so many disadvantages as well. One of such setbacks is definitely the change in lifestyle. Kids no more rush to the playgrounds, instead they spend endless hours in front of the computer playing games. Lack of movement and activity is one prime factor for storing fat inside the body. The ratio between the calorie intake and energy spent should be equal, but remains a myth in the modern day life.

3. Surgery or Medicines: Medical causes cannot be overlooked being the principle reason for weight gain uncontrollably. Certain surgeries can make you gain weight beyond control. Further, some medicines are also responsible for weight gain. For example, medicines like steroids, birth pills, antidepressants, diabetes medicines, heartburn medication and anti-seizure medication, and hormone pills often become the cause for abnormal weight gain.

4. Specific Foods Leading to Weight Gain: Some foods are unhealthy compared to others. These are foods having high amount of saturated fatty acids. Starting from cooking oils, the list includes egg yolk, nuts, pastry, potato chips, pizza, patty etc, cold drinks, and other foods that are high in carbs. Consumption of such foods is extremely responsible for rapid and unexplained weight growth.

5. Stress and Depression: These two factors go hand in hand when it comes to weight gain issue. Stress is part and parcel of everyday life. You can hardly find an adult who is not stressed due to overwork. Stress inevitably leads to depression, and depression further leads to emotional binging. Thus, these two factors contribute to weight gain.

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6. Disease and Health Disorder: Certain health conditions might lead to weight gain. To exemplify, pregnancy, diabetes and thyroid are three main types of health conditions often leading to increase in body weight.

7. Alcohol and Smoking: If you smoke, then quit smoking today. Smoking and alcohol consumption are responsible for quick weight gain. Alcohol is high in cholesterol and can be quite harmful for anyone who is addicted to it.

8. Growing Age: Old age is another factor leading to an increase in body weight. It happens mainly because with growing age, your metabolism does not function as efficiently as before. Therefore, it creates an imbalance within the body often contributing to weight gain.

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9. Weak Immune System: Week immune system is also a major factor contributing to weight gain. Try to include healthy foods in your diet which can ease your digestion. Avoid fatty meats and junk food, which can later affect the metabolism invariably. It definitely affects the body weight indirectly.

10. Lack of Consciousness: Lack of consciousness is extremely important factor when it comes to weight gain. Conscious people work hard on fitness. They take care of their diet and exercise regularly to stay in shape.

11. Poor Digestion: As weird as it may sound, constipation and slow bowel movements are also one of the causes of sudden weight gain. If constipation is an issue, try adding probiotics to your diet. Also, drink a lot of water and eat foods rich in fiber. If this doesn’t help, try consuming fiber powders, such as Metamucil.

12. Nutrient Deficiency: Having a deficiency of magnesium, iron or Vitamin D can wreak havoc with your immune system, lower your energy levels and slow down your metabolism. The slowing down of metabolism leads to weight gain. Eat green leafy vegetables and liver to increase your iron levels. Consume almonds or Brazil nuts to boost your magnesium levels, and drink fortified milk or spend more time in the sun to enhance your Vitamin D levels.

13. Sleep Deprivation: If you are not getting enough sleep at night, your body will start reacting adversely. This causes your body to slow down and begin storing fat. As a result, you will pack pounds around your waistline. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to stop gaining sudden weight.

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14. Menopause: This is for women – if you are entering menopause, your hormonal balance will go haywire. As a result, your appetite will increase, resulting in a growing waistline, thunder thighs and those love handles that you detest. If you are going through this phase of life, visit a gynecologist and find out about hormone therapy to get your hormone levels back to normal.

15. Birth Control: If you start using a new birth control pill, be prepared for its side effects. One of them is weight gain. Speak to your doctor and change the pills, so that you do not have to deal with weight hassles.

16. Consuming Low Fat Food: Many times, the so-called low fat foods are actually laden with calories. If you love eating such foods, do not groan and moan about your sudden weight gain. It is better to eat healthy, nutritious food and do regular exercise to maintain an optimal body weight.

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So, don’t lose hope, it is possible to keep the weight off by following a few sensible dietary guidelines. So, stay confident and slowly work your way towards a healthier lifestyle, without too much fuss. Stay fit, stay healthy!

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