Rogaine For Hair Loss June 23, 2016

Hair loss is a very common problem for every human being irrespective of their age. Hair is build up of proteins and each hair strand has its life and length. After it reaches a certain length, the hair strand falls off and new hair grows. But when small hair is seen falling at a rapid rate, it may be more than just normal hair fall. Usually 50-100 hair strands fall daily and upto 100 strands is normal hair fall which might be extended till 250 strands after shampooing. Anything beyond this is severe hair fall.

Usually hair loss is of different types and stages but the most common form is alopecia. This may be caused due to many factors such as hereditary factors like a pattern of baldness prevalent in the family tree, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, stress, weight loss, surgery, medical treatments like chronic kidney medications and other factors. But this hair fall problem can be addressed to a level with Rogaine.

What is Rogaine?

Rogaine is a popular brand which sells a substance named minoxidil under the brand name Rogaine. This has been the no 1 dermatologist recommended brand and also is approved by the fdz. It is not something new; Rogaine has been used by people for about 20 years in the west to address their hair problems.

What does Rogaine do?

Rogaine or minoxidil was originally used to treat high blood pressure. Now it is extensively used to treat hair loss. It is used for alopecia hair loss treatement in both male pattern and female pattern hair loss problems and baldness.

Rogaine is suitable for?

Rogaine has been found most effective on people aged 30 years or younger and who have been losing hair for 5 years or less.

How does Rogaine work?

Though the results have been satisfactory over the years it has not been understood how it actually works and Reduce hair fall. One main reason may be that it is a potassium channel opener. This potassium channel opener causes the cell membranes hyper polarization. It may be said that it opens up the potassium channels allowing the hair follicles more oxygen, blood, and nutrients which aid in regrowth of new hair and stop hair fall.  Rogaine causes the hairs in their stagnant phase to shed and allow growth of thicker hairs to replace them which are in the growth phase.

How to use Rogaine?

Rogaine is usually found in 2% and 5% solutions and though the latter one is more effective, it is costlier. It is usually manufactured in a foam format which has to be applied on the scalp regularly. It is also found in a liquid form which is applied with a dropper on affected areas.

Side effects:

There have been instances of flaking skin, dandruff and itchiness of several patients. It may also promote facial hair growth in women.

An important tip:
If you think of using Rogaine, do remember that you will see results as long as you keep using it. If you cease using it after some time you will be back to the original situation before treatment within 5 to 6 months.

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  • nehaa

    hi Shabby !! nice article but is their any side effect cause if we use this? plz help me out thanks :)

    • Shabby

      Hey Neha . .Glad you liked the article . .:)

      Well Rogaine may cause a bit of dandruff and some experience itchiness and flaking of skin. If rogaine is used directly in the form of dropper it may cause irritations. For this try the foam version .

      But do remember that if you cease to use the product the growth will stop and the hair will again fall and you will be back to square one is months .

      Good luck :)

    • Shabby

      Oh and do take note to use the woman’s version which is available at the market :)

  • santoshi

    this is santoshi.i have hairfall and i consult the doctor.he wil give regaine not rogaine. do u know any thing about regaine product.still i didnt use that product because i have seen the product review in net.some one say you wil stop this product again u wil get hairfal. is it right? please any one suggest me.what is use of this and disadvantage of this product.

  • Manu

    Can u tell for how long we should use this product? If after stopping it, hair fall starts again….then whats the use of this for hair falling treatment?