Top 10 Scoliosis Exercises And Their Benefits December 28, 2016

If you are here, I am sure you want to find a long lasting, effective, and natural treatment for scoliosis.

This spinal deformity can be best treated by exercising regularly and staying active. Believe it or not, that constant backache will disappear like magic in few days!

So, here are the top 10 best exercises for treating scoliosis that will correct your posture and of course, bring a big smile on your face.

Why Exercises for Scoliosis ?

Exercise is the best way to strengthen and straighten the physical posture and will avoid curvature on one side. But when it comes to scoliosis you have to be a little more mindful about the exercises you choose to do. So, let me first tell you about the common scoliosis treatments that are not very fruitful.
Breathing exercise like taking deep breaths can give you temporary relief but is not effective remedy. Yoga, which does help to make the posture strong and give the muscles some balance, is not the go-to solution in case of scoliosis. Finally, scoliosis bracing is also a temporary solution, as the spinal curve can reappear when you stop wearing the brace.

Good news is, there are non-surgical treatments available for scoliosis. These tested exercises will help rectify your spinal deformity. You can do these exercises either lying down or standing up with the support of a wall. Orthopedic surgeons often advise patients to do these exercises regularly to benefit the most.

The best of all are the Pilates which create a major impact on balancing the muscular structure which helps in directing focus towards the joint stability and mobility, and free movement. The form is specifically designed for the scoliosis related problem and helps in increasing strength within the core muscles. Exercise gives a great relief and is known as the best way to attain good results and a non surgical form of remedy to Scoliosis.

Top 10 Scoliosis exercises are:

1. Bird Dog Stretching:

It’s a form of scolosis exercise which needs a gym ball as a support. It is a very beneficial exercise for beginners as its hurts less and helps attain the perfect posture. It requires one to stretch one’s left arm and right leg, while supporting the body on the other leg; and the hand showing the upper body as a bird and the lower as a dog. To maintain the balance, the ball is absolutely necessary.

2. Pilates – Conforming to the wall:

It’s the starting point of the Scoliosis exercise regime. This can be done lying down and also standing with support of the wall. It helps in building strength and posture. This gives a boost to the resistance power of the patient.

3. Triceps Raise or Row:

Best known as a row raise, but in colloquial language a tricep raise, it helps to work the muscle and maintains a support for the trunk. Free weights are best suited to perform this exercise but if needed, an additional assistance, the machine forms a better mode. During this course, the best way to choose your form will depend on the challenges you face while initially undergoing treatment, as then one can determine which mode will help attain successful results.

Take a stretchable string or a pulley and facing the same, pull it in the upper direction. As this challenges the core muscles, the exercise becomes difficult but has proven results.

4. Hip Roll & Bridge:

Hip Roll and Bridge as an exercise inclines one’s pelvis area – raising your vertebrae to form a full circle; and gives movements to the hip which is a must during Scoliosis. As the circular position is maintained in the opposite direction, the problem gets good outcome after a fully fledged warm up session.

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5. Plank:

There are several ways of performing planks as it helps strengthen core muscles. However, the recommended one for beginners is the form which requires one’s forearms and toes to face the plank.

6. Spine Release:

This is a position which can be performed either on a bed or floor. Raise your knees to form a T shape and then move it in the either directions. Keep your shoulders flat on the mat as you might be tempted to raise them, and only lower your knees till a comfortable point.

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7. Yoga:

Yoga has been one of the oldest practices to cure any ailment and it helps in enhancing overall physical strength. It maintains a balance for the body in case of Scoliosis.

8. Breathing Exercise:

Breathing in the right posture helps blood circulation to develop muscles that fluctuate in the right motion and also a cordial motion with the heart beats.

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9. Stretch Up:

Stretching helps in formation and pulling of muscles which then help in straightening and loosening the core nerves.

10. Schroth Method:

The Schroth Method is one of the best innovations from Germany and has helped many as cure from this dreadful condition.

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Caveat: Please consult your doctor before practicing these exercises. Only certain types of curves can be cured by these exercises while others require different procedures.

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    You can’t cure scoliosis. Its insane for you to even say that. Ok actually thats not true you can correct scoliosis SOMETIMES through surgery but not cure it. It is not a deficiency in magnesium. Where do you get this crap? I also wouldn’t recommend specific type of exercise to anyone with scoliosis because there are different levels of severity. You could seriously hurt someone. Unless your a DR and obviously you are not. Stop giving out medical advice and for Gods sake start doing some research before you write this shit.

  • asia

    Exercises are very beneficial for people with scoliosis. Stretching the spine and yoga exercises like the bridge or cobra did make a big difference to me. They make the body strong with strong muscles. I advise everyone with scoliosis to do exercises and swim. It doesnt cure but at least it prevents as much as possible increase in degree.

  • StyleCraze

    Dear Ashiana, Scoliosis – an “S”- or “C”-shaped curve –is generally seen in childhood, but it can also come about in adulthood. Scoliosis can arise due to a variety of reasons, including genetics, uneven pelvic position, past spinal or joint surgeries, knee or foot distortions, or even head injuries. An exercise program for your daughter’s spine is to make the muscles of the back, shoulders, and upper back strong and flexible. So do consult your doctor and practice these exercises.

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