12 Shahnaz Husain Tips For Beautiful Skin February 9, 2017

The name Shahnaz Hussain is synonymous in India and abroad with beauty and wellness. She is a wellness and cosmetic guru, who has given us some of the best beauty tips over the years.

After spending many years studying the various fields of skin care and beauty, Shahnaz Hussain reverted back to the ancient studies of Ayurveda and its herbs. She used her knowledge to set up a brand new name in the world of beauty treatments. These were specifically created by combing the ancient years of knowledge with the latest technology. The end result gave rise to some of the most effective natural treatments ever.

From all her various treatments and tips, we have put together a list of 12 of her best tips that will help you achieve that healthy skin you have been wanting!

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Shahnaz Hussain Tips For Beautiful Skin

1. Yogurt and Turmeric:

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of yogurt with a pinch of turmeric powder.
  • Stir together to remove all lumps
  • Now apply it on your face
  • Let it stay for 15 minutes
  • Do this every day

How this helps:

This mix will help remove tan and keep your skin fresh, soft and healthy.

2. Neem and Chandan:

Make a face pack of Chandan by either using freshly ground chandan stick or using powdered chandan from the market

  • Apply this on your face
  • Leave on for 12 minutes
  • Wash it off with a solution of soaked and strained neem leaves

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How it helps:

When done regularly, this procedure will help you fight pimples. Neem is considered as one of the oldest and most powerful anti-bacterial agents. This procedure will also give you a clear and blemish free complexion.

3. Lemon:

  • Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice and milk in a 2:2:1 ratio
  • Apply this on your face
  • Leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes

How it helps:

This solution will help to brighten up the complexion.

4. Black Heads:

The following recipe works best for treating black heads as well as white heads.

  • Make a mixture of rice flour and sour curd
  • Apply this scrub all over your face
  • The grainy texture will help remove the black heads as well as white heads.

How it helps:

This is a great homemade way to get beautiful skin that is free of impurities.

5. Blemishes:

  • Mix some lemon juice, milk and cucumber in the ratio of 1:2:1 respectively
  • Now apply this on your face using a cotton ball.

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How it helps:

This is a great way to clear your face of any blemishes.

6. Dry Skin Cleansing:

  • This is a wonderful homemade cleansing treatment for those with dry skin.
  • Mix 10 drops of sunflower oil and three drops of raw milk
  • Clean your face with this mix using a cotton ball.

How it helps:

The above is useful in cleaning dry skin of any impurities and dirt.

7. Tan removal:

  • Make a mixture of 1 egg white, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp honey
  • Apply this on your face.
  • Wash it off after 15 minutes.

How it helps:

This is an effective way to reduce any signs of tanning and sunburn.

8. Oily skin:

  • Mix 2 tbsp tomato juice with curd. This can be used on the face on a daily basis
  • Apply it and leave on for some time
  • Wash off after 15 minutes.

How it helps:

It helps remove excess oiliness from the face.

9. Dark patches:

  • Mix 1 part honey with 2 parts lemon juice
  • Apply this all over the face
  • Leave it on for about 15 minutes.
  • Wash off

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How it helps:

The above mix will help remove dark patches from the skin.

10. Dark circles:

To remove under eye patches or dark circles, massage sweet almond oil with your ring finger slowly in round movements daily.

11. Skin Whitening:

This face pack is good for those with normal to oily skin

  • Make a face pack using oatmeal, yogurt, honey, and ground almonds i.e. sweet almond powder.
  • Apply this on the face and let it sit for some time.
  • Wash off.

How it helps:

This is one of the best natural beauty treatments for skin which is normal to oily.

12. Normal to dry skin:

  • Make a face pack using wheat bran powder and one tbsp each of orange juice, curd, honey and olive oil
  • Apply this on the face.
  • Leave on for some time till it dries up
  • Wash off

How it helps:

It helps clean skin and gives you a clear glowing complexion.

Try out these simple home tips that are guaranteed to give you a clear and glowing complexion. The best part about these is that since they are all made using natural ingredients, there is no worry about harming the skin.

Make them, use them and tell us the difference you saw!

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/saara/ Saara

    I looking for natural ways to get pretty skin! All these tips are extremely helpful, and i plan to try them out soon.!Thank you so much:)

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      please do try :) hope it helps u good :) Thanks you so much for ur valuable comment :) :)

      • Anonymous

        i hv oily skin. so for an overall good looking skin which of the above mentioned procedures will be the best option??

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/divyakerani/ Divya Kerani

    Those tips pretty good. I heard a lot about Shahnaz Hussain and read her story too. I have dark circles under eyes, Let me try this almond oil as you suggested in the article. I hope this will help me to get rid of dark spots. Also i would like to try skin whitening facepack.


    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      hmm sure try it , hope it works good :) thank you for the lovely comment :)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/aavani/ Aavani

    Hi Zinnia…! This is the most beneficial beauty information article i have ever seen!!! I have tried Yogurt and Turmeric on my face it makes my skin feels so smooth and just feels like i got my facial done! thanks for the great article.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      wow am glad Aavani that it worked for ya :) thank you for the lovely comment.. Yogurt fights rashes and skin impurities too :)

  • Hema

    I just want to clarify if the yoghurt and turmeric mixture can be applied near the eyes also?

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      ofcourse, why not? the basic thing to remember is that whatever pack you apply near the eyes or at your under eyes just don’t let them dry out. Keep them moist preferably with a moistened cotton pads over the eyes the whole time that you are keeping the pack on. Thank you for your comment :)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/ruby/ ruby

    yoghurt and turmeric mixture is good for oily face and after regular use can i get glowing skin.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      thank u for ur comment Ruby :) <3 <3

  • Disha

    Hi Zinnia…. these are the best article i have ever seen and its give me smooth and soft skin .But i want to ask that i am going for a swimming and my skin goes dark by chlorine which is mixed in water so plz give me some tips to back my real glow.

    • Zinnia

      skin going dark by chlorine is temporary , and will restore to ur natural colour when u no longer continue with ur swimming routine. This happens for anyone who swims .. but well.. i’d suggest use a nice sunscreen on all the exposed parts of ur body and preferably which is not water soluble and well absorbed atleast 20-30 minutes before u dive into the water. At home try out yogurt (preferably with turmeric , a pinch will be just fine) and lemon packs( like rub a piece of fresh lemon on the skin for sometime before bathing . Both has bleaching properties and will help u clear ur complexion. Try out a natural scrub like the one mentioned above. Exfoliation is important when ur swimming to get rid of the darkened skin. This should do for now. But well again am saying swimming in chlorinated water is making ur skin temporarily dark. During the swimmer’s off season, ur skin will become restored to it’s normal colour. Thats the general case. Take care of ur skin on a regular basis. Thank u for the appreciation and cmt :) <3 <3

      • Disha

        thank u for a suggestion and for solution………………………

  • priya

    hi i have a skin with acne marks and pores i also have black and white heads what should i do and im soon getting married plz help me to have a beautiful and glowing skin i have 1month for the wedding to go

    • Zinnia

      geez did i miss ur wedding? am so sry :-| u should take some immediate clinical treatments for instand stuff, home remedies work bt only over quite a few months and constant followup. Use malai and chandan face pack, it should work as follow up if u have taken some clinical sittings at a skin clinic . Thanks :)

  • ramziya

    i heard that using honey may turn our hair to grey o brownish color …is that true??

    • Zinnia

      i have not heard anything like that. ive heard using onion juice can turn hair’s color to reddish.. am not sure.. and it smells bt is gd for hair though..i rather not use that :P thnks :)

  • karanirs

    Hi.This is one of the best article.Can u suggest the home remedies for pigmentation around mouth.

    • Zinnia

      lemon juice can remove pigmentation around the mouth. buttermilk or malai is also good for this. use sunscreen after anyface pack, get a monthly bleach and also a facial. thanks :)

  • fathima

    hi can u pls tell me any tips for whitening skin + removing pimples which i ll put over night for 2 months

    and it should really work

    plssssssssss reply me

    • Zinnia

      omg .. am so sorry was caught up in stuff, still not free and thnk God i logged in today, ok , listen…for removing pimples and also for whitening skin , the best thing thats coming to my mind is lemon juice. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on ur face at night and just go to sleep. A better option sandal wood power and lemon juice mixture . Sometimes skin can react to natural ingredients. ur considering 2 things, pimples and also whitening. It can be difficult workign on both at same time. Try removing acne first. Do this try a medicated face cream for killing acne (a good clinical acne killer medicine 2.5% benzyol peroxide content should be good, i do not know the aggressiveness of ur acne, if its less then 2.5% is ok, other wise if it’s severe then 5%) wash face wid a tea tree oil soap , any company, and use a small amount of this cream, preferably at night. wash face in the morning again. use face pack as a sandalwood one during day. REMEMBER DO NOT GO OUT IN SUN AFTER APPLYING ANYTHING WID “LEMON” ON SKIN FOR ATLEAST 5-6 HRS. iF U HAVE TO , THEN USE SUNSCREEN , LEMON MAKES SKIN PHOTOSENSITVE . this is the best i can suggest right now. feel free to let me know if it worked or not. thank u :)

      • fathima

        HI SISTER,
        AND I HAVE TO SAY YOU THAT MY PIMPLES ARE VERY SMALL AND DOES NOT GO AT ALL. so please help me with some other home remedies…
        waiting for your reply :D

        • Zinnia

          it means uve sensitive skin, since ur allergic to lemon, i used to have the same problem, but now my skin doesnt react to lemon :P however, can u get conch shell powder? u can mix it up wid just water and use on ur pimples, it works amazing (ive nt tried myself bt as reports from my frnds) it’s not easy to get it though. Are u allergic to sandalwood too? it also reduces acne. if ur skin is reacting to anything natural , try smthing clinical i mean medicinal try a tea tree oil soap(any co.) and a cream wid 2.5% benzoyl peroxide(small acne,small rashes, perfect for those,..if bigger and harsher then 5%) , along with it u can also try clindac gel , if u got itchy rashes , or it gets red, then this is a soothing gel wid antiseptic formulation it can help u sooth the skin :) thank u :)

  • tejaswini

    hi. can u suggest some home remedies for pigmentation around my mouth. pls help me

    • Nazia

      What is pigmentation

      • Zinnia

        Dark spots, age spots, sun spots all these are referred to as pigmentation.Taking care of skin on a regular basis can help u fight these. If u have severe tanning or pigmentation u can try clinical sittings and get them removed and then followup wid a home routine.:)

    • Zinnia

      lemon juice can remove pigmentation around the mouth. buttermilk or malai is also good for this. use sunscreen after anyface pack, get a monthly bleach and also a facial. thanks :)

  • arshil

    Hi zinnia I have dark pimples and scars on face pls suggest any tips

    • Zinnia

      how can i help u remove ur scars? u need clinical sittings for that. may be a cosmetic surgery for scar removal. unfortunately scar cant be removed (as per my knowledge) thru home made remedies. for ur pimples if they r dark, means u have a lot of dead and deposited skin cells. Ur skin needs severe help am sorry to say this but home remedies in my opinion are not for u at this stage. Plz see a dermatologist and/or take some clinical sittings. After ur face is back to life, u can followup any simple home remedy like chandan face packs or multani mitti face pack(good for removing dead skin cells,but only superficial,what ur describing ur current skin condition, it won’t work on u at this stage) or besan face pack. i think u should definitely go for some clinical sittings. thank u for ur comment ! :)

  • akki

    hey zinnia, thanks for such awesome beauty tips.i want to tell you that i have dark complexion due to tanning.can u suggest me the appropriate way to reduce it. pls….

    • Zinnia

      buddy try an anti tan sitting at a skin clinic, then u can followup wid a home remedy cuz home remedies only work over time .. so u have to be regular and can maintain the de-tanned complexion wid face packs like chandan and malai (a bit of lemon too ;) it helps u detan fast) and ofcourseeeeeee do not forget sunscreen :) thanks akki

  • Nazia

    Thanks for reply my chin and upper lipare darker than other face pl tell something from homemade.

    • Zinnia

      this is a problem for many women. U need to get these two areas cleansed properly , as in regular scrubbing with a really mild scrubber , try rice flour, if too difficult , try ever youth papaya scrub. It has to be regular. At night apply a thin layer of sandal wood face pack, u know u can get those stuff of stone and a piece of sandal wood stick from stores , rub it against the stone with a little water (or may be a bit of milk ) and use that on those areas( this should be done almost 4days a week). Sometimes,twice a week or so, (during night only) use a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice on these two areas. It will act as a bleach. Since ur not in front of me , i cant see and know the exact reason for their darkening, it could also be that ur chin and upper lips have black heads and this is the reason why they look dark.Try monthly facials, and use a black head remover stick to clean them. If following all these in permutations and combinations doesnt help u over 3 months then pigmentation removal clinical sittings is the only option left. If home remedies work for u, then don’t keep following them. Thank u for ur comment :)

    • Zinnia

      sorry about the last line in the previous comment, i meant if home remedies do work for u then please keep following them :D .. hope my tips help u :) thanks

  • Nazia

    Sweet zinnia thank you so much for the detailed answer .i will try these out.and tdll u which foundation will suit me i am wheatish.and which lip coulor.l am using yogurt it really works .nazia

    • Zinnia

      thank u so much , alright coming to foundation, it’s not enough for a full coverage, if u got blemishes and even if u don’t , so try a concealer stick first , follow it with a foundation. for a concealer (i dont know the shade number am sorry) try lakme absolute for medium skin tone or wheatish one, or even cheaper and worthy can be Gala foundation , or for costly ones you can try deborah milano ,depends on ur budget. Coming to foundation, i mostly use lakme perfecting foundation,ive fair complexion, i never bought the other colours. You can try out
      Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation shade 01 or shade o2 ,
      please go to a store and try it on ur wrist or jaw line to know if it blends with ur complexion or not, for the first time it’s best u go and buy from store then u can buy same shades online too.
      i like lakme cuz ive very sensitive skin and this suits me and doesnt give rashes and it’s pocket freindly.Use a compact for smooth finish, u can try the lakme rose powder which is really good, its got 2 shades, buy the shade Warm Pink 02. Lipstick, well never go for anything maroon, or too dark since u got wheatish skin it will make ur skin look even darker.Lipstick whichever u feel , u can sport depends on what u like , not what i like :D , so i cnt really suggest, still i’ve picked a few colors, may be u can try these out .. check these links :) thanks
      remember products’ color differs than what u see online, u can grab these names and check out from store if ur not sure of what u wanna order, i mostly order online though, its convenient :P .. hope these help :)

  • neethu

    what is yogurt?

    • sai


  • Vidya

    Hi Shahanaz,
    Myself is Vidya. My face is oily and I’ve just delivered a boy. He is now 4 months old. During my pregnancy, lot of dark spots are created on the face and the same are being continued after the pregnancy. My face is spoiled coz of dark spots because of pimples, now, i want my face to be fresh after the facewash also (without oily nature) and dark spots need to be removed.Could you please suggest any cream (that has no side effects) for removing dark spots/patches?

  • Lina

    Lovely tips i just had some pimples which i popped out (i know i shouldnt do it hehe but couldnt resist!) now they left some scars for how many times should i apply lemon juice? ….Because i did go to my dermatologist and he said it will probably only fade with time but they arent any bad acne scars plzzz help to get a even skin tone because ive never had that before so i am extremly desperate !!!!!

  • kamal

    iam 34 and l got pores open frm last 2 -3 years and lines on my face please suggest me to get glowing skin. iam having dry skin. please suggest which sun screen moisturizer and face wash should be used.

  • shabnam

    I am 31years old but from my teenage I have pimples problem acne problem till know and pettiness come on my eyelid glow is goin can u sugest me ur any product

  • Raam Shrivastav

    GO to hell u muslim.
    India for hindus only.

  • Rajeshwari

    I am 23 yrs old and 3 month old baby, i am having a very vigorous stretch marks after delivery and natural glow of face has become so dull. I don’t use any cosmetics at all. I am fair in color with combinational skin. pls. giv me a valid, home made and quick relieving solution to get rid of the problem.

  • Harpreet

    Thanks for sharing such an informative and interesting article. Will definitely try the 7th and 8th tips for removing tan and excess oil. These are my two major skin concerns. Please keep sharing more beauty tips which are simple and easy to follow. Will definitely come back to dig up such informative posts! Thanks :)

  • ruhi

    b4 kat n dipika all r fail

  • Shaloni Das

    thank you.the remedies are too nice

  • ῆἶκκἶ ῆἶκκἶ

    mam i have the problem of pimples on my face last 2 years. i am very sad with this problem .i am in trouble. it leaves a dark spots on my face. my skin is oily. i am very sad. plz mam help me. give me usefull tips.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Hi nikki, you can try a steam facial once a week and if you have severe acne and pimples, you can try it twice a week. But remember not to over do it, or else it my damage your skin leading to open pores in a long run.

  • Poojs

    Tips r amazing…..and easy to use…i definetly try them.

  • Anonymous

    Thanx 4 this tips i’ll surely try this

  • Sindhu

    Hi,,, my daughter is one year old she is very fair in complexion but her legs alone are dark in colour is this temporary???? Can you suggest me home remedy for this

  • subha

    hi zinnia.. i have an oily skin..& little dark too… i want a glowing and white fresh skin…..so what will be the best option??

  • suprabha

    Hi,I am having the darkcircles since childhood now i am 28 i applied so many creams and went to the dermatologist as well but no remedies till date.ofcourse it got reduced but still i want to clear my dark circles.Can u please suggest anything.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Sneha, strawberry legs are nothing but pores on the legs with excess oil and dirt. When you shave and the pores are opened to the air, they appear black or brown. One of the ways to remove the spots are by exfoliation. Exfoliation helps get these pores cleaned out because exfoliation literally wipes away the oil and dirt. You can exfoliate in several different ways. In addition to using an exfoliating scrub that you purchased at the store, you can also try a special home remedy of sugar scrub. Make sugar scrub by combining some granulated sugar from your kitchen with some olive oil and a few drops of a special essential oil scent. Scrub this on your legs, then rinse off before you shave. Waxing is another great way to get rid of hair on the legs, but it’s not a surefire way to get rid of strawberry legs. What really must be done is exfoliation before you wax or shave your legs. You also must make a point to exfoliate even in between waxes or shaving sessions. This will help to keep those pores unclogged.