8 Side Effects Of Caffeine You Should Be Aware Of March 16, 2015

‘Hey guys, Let’s take a coffee break’, ‘Promise me that you’ll gift a Cadbury if I crack the interview’, ‘I need a cup of tea as my day was too tiring’, ‘Dude take some energy drink, it will surely help you regain your energy’. These are quite common conversations heard in our day to day life in all corners of the world. Caffeine is the common stimulant drug present in the above mentioned food items. Whether it is our work place or busy with work at home, people around the whole world requires some amount of caffeine consumption for reduction of tiredness.

Caffeine is well known as an instant energy booster. It helps people to fight with drowsiness. Some of them intake caffeine just for leisure and relaxation where as maximum of them consume it for medical purposes in order to revitalize their physical energy and to increase alertness.

A prolonged controversy exists on planet earth regarding the fact whether caffeine consumption is harmful for our health or is it friendly. In spite of the fact that caffeine refreshes the mind and body parts yet it has many negative side effects too. It is risky to intake caffeine in larger amounts as it is addictive in nature.

Side Effects of Caffeine:

The widely experienced side effects of caffeine include dehydration, excessive production of urine leading to dehydration, stomach disorders, nausea, increased blood pressure, depression, restlessness, increased heartbeat leading to death, obesity, Increased body weight, fever and the list thus continues.

1. Anxiety:

This is a disorder which leads to excessive nervousness. Too much caffeine intake causes this physical disorder. If a person faces this disorder then he becomes restless very easily. He may get tensed in normal situations. Caffeine worsens such conditions therefore one should be very cautious if he faces these symptoms.

2. Stomach Disorders:

The acids present in coffee stimulates the stomach to produce more acid which in turn creates acidity. Thus, too much caffeine may lead to stomach disorders. People suffering from nervousness and anxiety face more stomach problems than those who are cool in nature.

3. Insomnia:

It is basically a sleep difficulty. People who intake caffeine within the prescribed limit may not face this symptom. But, if heavy users try to withdraw caffeine from their daily diet then they will surely face this problem of sleeplessness. Insomnia is basically a withdrawal symptom which is combined with other physical problems such as increased fatigue and headache. Irritability, dizziness, tiredness, stuffy nose are the most common side effects of caffeine.

4. Miscarriage:

Special attention must be paid by pregnant women while consuming caffeine as excessive intake of this addictive drug may lead to mishaps such as miscarriage and other pre- delivery problems. Breast- feeding mothers should not consume more than 2 cups of coffee per day as it affects the baby directly by causing disturbances in sleep and other physical irritability.

5. Increased blood pressure:

People who are already high blood pressure patients should be cautious about the amount of caffeine consumption. Situations may get worsened if such patients’ intake excessive amount of caffeine.

6. Menstrual problems:

Caffeine hold that power to worsen a normal menstrual cycle. Thus, maximum women face menstrual problems due to caffeine present in their daily diet.

7. Urinary Incontinence:

Caffeine increases the chances of this disorder in women. It is an embarrassing bladder disorder in which the person loses her control of bladder. It results in the sudden leakage of urine whenever the woman laughs, coughs or sneezes. Sometimes it turns out to be so strong that the lady may not step the toilet in time. Excessive caffeine consumption ascends the urine amount within the body.

8. Obesity:

Overweight is one of the highlighted side effects of caffeine. This addictive drug can activate hyperglycaemia. It also raises the stress level and the level of a stress hormone within one’s body which leads to excessive hunger.

Excessive amount of caffeine present in body may also lead to various cardiovascular diseases. It also enhances the risk of bladder cancer. This stimulant drug even increases the eye pressure. Too much of nothing is good for health so it is better to maintain the prescribed limit.

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