What Are The Side Effects Of Hair Dyeing? February 21, 2017

“Use Shikakai on your hair or you’ll get gray hair in your twenties!” “OIL YOUR HAIR GIRL!” Does your mom scream the same at you too? :P My mom is paranoid about my hair going gray soon. She freaks out at the amount of chemicals in shampoos and conditioners and wonders why I can’t manage hair with her hair care routine – oil, shikakai and that is it. Well though I’ll never switch my shampoos for her herbal soaps. One thing I agree with her though is the side effects of hair dye and the chemicals that it contains. Yes, it’s so tempting to color hair! So many beautiful streaks, so many wonderful highlights and a million of colors. It’s also a great way to cover up gray hair and look younger. Who wants the hassle of henna, right? ;)


Hair dye side effects

Hair coloring is a chemical process. Bleaching is required to alter our natural hair color side effects to absorb and retain the artificial color we are opting for.

All the hair colors contain ammonia. It’s a rule, hair colors must contain ammonia. If somebody tells you it doesn’t, then either they are lying or it contains equivalent amines. This ammonia is  corrosive to your hair. All of us will remember sniffing ammonia in chemistry labs of school, right? The pungent smell was super repulsive, wasn’t it? Well if a whiff of it burnt the nose; imagine how harsh it is on your hair. Hence, the side effects of hair colour are invariably bad.

Any harsh chemical you apply on your hair can dry your hair, frizz it up, increase breakage by reducing your hair’s elasticity, might corrode your scalp and also give you burns in worst cases. Whatever you apply to your hair affects your hair length as well as hair root and follicles.

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Hair coloring obviously involves such harsh treatments as its aiming at having an artificial color. The natural hair coloring agents like henna don’t give us these effects because they don’t contain the chemicals that are needed to maintain the color. These chemicals are very dangerous to your health too as they are carcinogenic (cancer causing).

Coloring hair, dyes your hair and alters the texture. Though the initial instant results are amazing, in the long run, the hair texture goes bad and gets brittle. Split ends, dandruff and also hair fall is seen in many people. As the new hair starts growing, the old and new texture/color doesn’t blend. This forces you to get root touch ups which is again loading your hair with chemicals. It’s like a loop – you color your hair, grow it long so you can get back natural color and texture, but the side effect of hair dyes are so bad that you are forced to get touch ups. Also, hair graying in most people is seen and your natural color takes months to come back. One of my friends got streaks done from a reputed salon and even after a year, her colored streaks haven’t returned to original color completely and feel like straw.

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So girls, do know that hair coloring requires a lot of post care. Even with all the care, it will damage your hair in the long process. So opt for it only if you are in desperate need of hair color. When you get it done, don’t compromise on quality and post care. Let me know your experiences on hair coloring. Also, shoot a comment and tell me how you take care of your dyed hair.

Stay gorgeous!

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