10 Signs You Should Tell Him You Love Him – Yes, Do It Already! May 18, 2017

Whoever said falling in love was hard! How many times have you found yourself staring at a hunk who just passed by? Well, yes, for many of us, falling in love can happen again and again. But, wait, isn’t that called infatuation? Yes, it is! So, what is the ‘love’ we are talking about here? The feeling where you are willing to do anything to have him in your life. That, my dearie, is true love.

Many a time, we mistake infatuation for love. But, just in case you are wondering if there are any signs of love, like in the movies, there sure are. I mean thunder and lightning or a shooting star —can’t help being dramatic here. If you have been thinking too much about a person lately and are wondering if it’s love or infatuation, here’s the checklist to know if he’s THE ONE you should say the three magical words to. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Missing Him Like Crazy

Missing-Him-Like-Crazy Pinit

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Weird as it sounds, you are missing him. You hardly know him or had a decent conversation with him, but you can’t stay without seeing him every day. It’s like you can’t afford to let a day go by without seeing him.

2. Instant Happiness

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It need not be a long text. Even an emoticon or a forwarded message from him puts a smile on your face. Endorphins go on a rampage in your body as soon as you see his name flashing on your phone screen.

3. Going Pink Without A Blush

Going-Pink-Without-A-Blush Pinit

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Anything closely flirtatious with him around makes you blush. You just can’t get over the feeling and go on about it to your friends. Isn’t that cute?

4. Feeling Lost

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Ever since you have met him, he’s the first and last thought on your mind. You find yourself daydreaming even while your friends are having a serious conversation. They have to literally shout to get your attention. All that you are waiting for is the moment you guys can confess your love to each other.

5. He’s Part Of Your Future

He's-Part-Of-Your-Future Pinit

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You have grown so fond of him that it’s impossible for you to imagine a life without him. Every situation you visualize has him, and you can’t wait for it to be true.

6. Everyone Else Is Non-Existent

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The love of your life may not be the most handsome guy in town. But, ever since you lost your heart to him, nobody else seems attractive enough. Even that cute guy you had a huge crush on has ceased to exist since you met this special someone. This sure is a sign.

7. Attempted To Propose Several Times

The feeling has been so strong for you that you have almost typed and sent ‘I love you’ texts to him, only to erase them later out of fear of losing him. You have, instead, only sent him suggestive quotes on love, so he gets the hint. If he’s responded positively to such texts, good. Else, it’s time you tell him directly.

8. Kiss And Make Up

Kiss-And-Make-Up Pinit

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Although you love him a lot, you have your share of disagreements with him. But no matter how serious a fight it is, you can’t wait to call a truce with him. Every time you fight with him, it creates a void in your heart, and you just can’t wait to sort out your differences and get back together.

9. Comfort Factor

Comfort-Factor Pinit

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You have been friends for life, and you are very comfortable having him around. It’s not the first time you are talking to him as you have discussed everything under the sun with him. Yet, ever since you realized you had feelings for him, it’s hard for you to walk up to him and profess your love. Also, of late, everything he says feels different and makes your heart skip a beat. Girl, he’s the one! Mark my words.

10. Possessive

Possessive Pinit

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You like him so much that you want all his attention. You just don’t like it when someone else is hitting on him. Even the thought of seeing him flirt with someone in a fun way upsets you.

So, girls, those are the signs. If you find yourself in any or all of these situations, it’s time to reveal your true feelings for him. Good luck!

Let us know if we have missed out any other signs that you saw. Suggestions are welcome in the comments box.