11 Simple And Best Biotin Rich Foods

11 Simple And Best Biotin Rich Foods September 19, 2017

Vitamins are the talk of the day.

Doctors, skin specialist, hair specialist, they just can’t seem to get enough of it! Why wait for a doctor to prescribe them? Add it to your diet right away.

Why Biotin Is Essential?

Biotin, also called vitamin H, is extremely important for cell growth and the production and metabolism of fatty acids. It also helps maintain blood sugar levels and the body’s energy cycle. Biotin is also popularly used in many skin, hair and nail remedies as a deficiency can lead to unhealthy skin, hair loss and weak and brittle nails. Scaly rashes around the eyes, thin hair, joint tingling, brittle nails and depression are also some signs of a biotin deficiency.

Biotin also promotes healthy nerve tissues and ease muscle pain. It is also important to ensure that an expectant mother does not suffer from a biotin deficiency and extra care must be taken during the stage of life.The water soluble vitamin is formed naturally in our intestines and can also be found in various foods. Most adults over the age of 19 require about 30 mg of biotin every day from dietary sources.

Top Choices of Biotin Rich Foods

1. Seafood and Meat: 

Some kinds of animal meat and fish are good sources of biotin. Three ounces of cooked liver contains 27 micro milligrams of biotin, making it an excellent food supply of this nutrient. Saltwater fish, such as salmon and sardines, are low in fat and ensure enough biotin as well as other proteins. Meats like red meat, pork, turkey and beef contain large amounts of biotin.

2. Whole Wheat Bread: 

A slice of whole wheat bread contains one to six micrograms of biotin. The vitamin in found in the bran of the wheat and thus white bread has less biotin content as compared. Moreover, yeast in the bread, particularly brewer’s yeast is another significant source of biotin.

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3. Eggs: 

Egg yolk is another excellent biotin rich food. However, too much egg white can actually be a catalyst for a biotin deficiency as eggs contain a specific element that binds biotin to a protein called avidun, reducing the ability to equally distribute the nutrient.

4. Dairy Products: 

In addition to calcium and other healthy nutrition, dairy products like milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, cottage cheese and cheese are also a rich source of biotin for the body.

5. Soya Bean: 

A 10-gram serving of soybean contains 60 mg of biotin. One of the best foods rich in biotin.

6. Vegetables: 

Vegetables like onions, cucumbers, cabbage and cauliflower contain biotin and are healthy ways to fit this vitamin into your daily diet.

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7. Fruits: 

A regular intake of fresh and dry foods ensures ample amount of iron and biotin in the body. Avocado is the richest fruit source of biotin and must be consumed regularly.

8. Nuts: 

A variety of nuts like almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, pecans and walnuts provide the body with biotin. The best part about them is that you can easily carry them around and include the protein and nutrition into your diet on the move. These are particularly very important for vegetarians to consume, as they substitute the nutritional value that is otherwise received from meat and fish. For those who want to consume biotin for healthy hair and nails, nuts are a good choice as they also contain omega-3 fatty acids that assist scalp health and healthy nails.

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9. Berries: 

Some berries like strawberries, cranberries and raspberries can ensure a significant amount of biotin to the body. In addition to biotin, they also provide ample antioxidants and other health benefits.

10. Beverages: 

Beverages like black tea, coffee, wine and beer also contain biotin in them. However, they should not be consumed in large quantities as they contain caffeine which can have adverse effects on the body.

11. Sunflower Seeds: 

Sunflower seeds contain biotin, iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, magnesium and vitamin B in them and should be included in the daily diet.

Hope you liked our post on biotin rich foods. Knowing which foods contain biotin can help boost the regular diet with this nutrient. The result is the overall improvement in the health of your skin, hair and nails.

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