Mehndi is one thing that all Indian women adore not just because it is so intricately entwined in our culture but because of how beautiful the mehandi design looks once it is finished.

Mehndi is actually a kind of a natural dye made from the leaves and stem of the Henna tree. It is being used now as a natural dyeing agent and the art of mehndi has now spread all over the world. In western countries, mehndi is being used as a temporary tattoo too. Mehndi especially has gained a great deal of popularity in the temporary tattoo industry.

We are usually quite accustomed to seeing lavish and intricate designs using mehndi during weddings but there are also some very simple mehendi designs that can be done on any occasion and that look equally beautiful too. These designs require very less time and are usually short and sweet ones that add a hint of colour to the hands but do not clutter or fill up the hands too much.

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A Simple & Easy Mehndi Design That You Can Do At Home

Here we share 28 such simple mehndi designs that you can try too:

beautiful design

1. Here is a very beautiful yet very simple mehandi design for the hands. The design is mainly done on the thumb and the index finger. It is quite simple but still can be easily done on any occasion to draw attention to your hands. Great for an engagement or just for any occasion.

engagement occasion mehndi

2. Now here is an example of a easy mehndi designs for hands where you can use to make any one finger and all of them stand out. On occasions where the attention will be on your hands or fingers like engagement and wedding, you may use this type of design for the fingers to make it stand out. This will look very especially pretty if you do this on the ring finger.

especially pretty

3. We just loved this design as well as the matching nail art on the feet. The design is very simple yet looks lovely on the feet. With the use of red mehndi, it gives a distinct bridal feel and can be donned by anyone. It will suit most brides and the added accessories like toe rings will make it even more beautiful.

lavish designs

4. Love mehndi but do not want to apply lavish designs on the feet? Try this very simple and small design which is very easy to do yourself. This will not interfere with your style and will blend in quite easily. This is for those who love small designs or are forced due to rules at office or any other restraints.

black mehndi makes

5. If you love floral patterns and also love using mehndi on your feet, try this style. This sweet and simple mehandi design can be done by anyone on any occasion. The use of mehndi makes it more prominent and this will also look great for office goers who love small designs for their feet.

simple pattern  mehndi

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6. Do you love applying henna? Then try this simple pattern which is very easy to achieve, you will need minimum skill to do this. And this will look great on the hands of anyone; try this on your daughter’s hands or on your hands. It can be further extended into a full fledged design too.

simple enough

7. If you are new to mehndi, then you may like to settle for one of the simple mehndi designs at first and we have a very apt design just for you. This design will flatter anyone irrespective of their age. This design will also look good on brides and on the occasion of the engagement too. The designs are not cluttered and are simple enough to try at home by yourself.

Glitters and stones

8. Recently there has been a new trend in mehendi and it is the increased use of glitter and stones. Using glitter and stones looks good as sometimes mehndi becomes boring with the usual colours and variations. Glitters and stones give you ample choice and you can easily settle for any colour of your choice! Glitter is applied over mehndi and the beads & stones are placed according to the design. The colours used can be changed or manipulated according to your outfit which makes it very attractive for the contemporary bride.

In this design we see the use of white stones and blue stones to make thissimple mehndi look gorgeous. It fits any occasion.

simple mehndi gorgeous

9. This design is quite different from the usual mehndi styles we are accustomed to see every day. The design is predominantly simple yet it is unique. This is quite a modern design with the use of mehndi for maximum color.

geometric shapes

10. This is another one of the simple mehendi designs for beginners. The design is great for any simple occasion and the unusual patterns on the fingers make this quite unique from regular designs. It has the predominant use of geometric shapes and dots which is quite easy to do even for beginners.

basically very simple

11. We love this simple yet pretty mehendi design for the hands. The design slightly leans towards traditional side but it has shades and the motifs used for the mehndi is basically very simple. This will be apt for any occasion and will make your hands look full without actually filling it up entirely.

design quite prominent

12. If you need some simple designs with very less motifs and which are basically restricted to just the back of the hand, then you can try this design. The design in the middle of both hands is quite easy and looks simple enough for any occasion and will suit women of any age. The use of mehndi design makes this design quite prominent.

beautifully decorated

13. The back of the hands are beautifully decorated using this design that has very few yet pretty motifs. The design covers most of the space on the hands yet does not look cluttered and the design on the ring finger is what makes this design appropriate for an engagement too.

leaves pattern

14. Here’s a very simple design for the feet with floral and leaves pattern. The design is kept minimal with no large motifs or patterns. The main attraction for this design is near the ankle forming the impression of an anklet.

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love mehndi clad

15. We know you love mehandi clad feet so how about donning this pretty and unique style? The spiral designs look very unique and beautiful and this design will suit any occasion. Even brides may do this design on their feet. There are other small details but the predominant spiral design makes it look very simple yet elegant.

feet just stole

16. This unique mehandi design for the feet just stole our hearts. The complete sole of the feet is decorated using lavish designs. The look is very bridal but at the same time can be used on any occasion. Though it is rare for one to apply mehndi on the sole of their feet, this can be a good choice if you ever want to. You can use any type of mehendi. This will look especially good on a bride as during the wedding there is a great deal of attention on the bride’s feet and it is often photographed.

quick mehndi tattoo

17. Want a quick mehndi tattoo designs for the feet? A simple design for the feet like this one will look just perfect with any outfit. Wear it with some nice ballerina’s and you are ready to rule the world with your style. The shaded flower on the design is very unique as we hardly see a whole design shaded in traditional mehndi motifs. The shading is also done using mehndi itself.

engagement ceremony

18. If you want a nice design for the engagement ceremony, you may want to consider this one. The design in the middle is quite intricate yet does not look cluttered and highlights the ring finger aptly. The design will also suit any occasion with the same ease.

cluttered feeling

19. If elaborate designs are not your forte or you like simpler designs better, then this simple mehandi design is for you. It is extremely simple with no intricate or small patterns or motifs. The design covers the feet without cluttered feeling and looks very simple and pretty on any the feet.

loves simple designs

20. This design is apt for the bride if she loves simple designs. The fingers are nicely highlighted and the back of the hands are also decorated with patterns. The traditional patterns make this very apt for the bride.

Love glitter and stones

21. Love glitter and stones? Then try this modern mehndi design which looks great on brides and the bridesmaids too. The use of stones and beads makes the design look unique as well as gives one the freedom to manipulate it according to one’s outfit. The use of crystal bindis adds a whole new level of charm to it.

introduction of glitter

22. Here’s another example how you may introduce glitter on your hands. This design is given a unique touch with the use of tube glitter. This makes it ideal for any party or festivity. The patterns though are mainly traditional but have a unique contemporary feeling as a result of the introduction of glitter.

black mehndi

23. Floral motifs and mehndi come together to create this simple yet pretty design. The design is very simple making it wearable for anyone and can be used on occasion like engagement parties too. The use of mehndi helps to make the design more prominent.

very apt design

24. Here’s a simple mehandi design for the feet. The design features anklet like patterns on the feet and the connection from the middle toe to the main design along with the inclusion of small heart shaped patterns make this very cute and apt for the bride. Those looking for a simple yet very apt design for their feet can easily settle for this one.

bridal mehndi

25. If you love mehndi, then this design is for you. This simple design uses mehndi and includes small motifs and designs for those who love minimal clutter and designs. The design starts from the area near the elbows and ends at the fingers. Though there are no elaborate patterns and designs, this can easily be worn by a bride as their bridal mehandi. There is no shading and the motifs are fairly traditional.

very good for children

26. This design is very good for children as it is very simple and fills their hands easily making it less time consuming as children tend to be incapable of sitting still for long. You may even tell them to do the patterns themselves as this one is really easy to do and requires less perfection to look good.

mehandi design beginners

27. This mehandi design is for those who are new to mehndi and want simple designs which they can do themselves. There is very less design in this style and will require very less skill making it apt for the beginners.

mehndi designs for the palm

28. Want simple mehndi designs for the palm? Then this design will help you get the look. With just the thumb decorated with patterns, this makes a great design for beginners as well as for those who like simple designs for their hands. The pattern starts from the wrists and ends at the thumb. The predominant floral pattern makes it apt for any occasion.

We hope you love all the designs we have compiled for you. Which one of these simple mehndi designs are you planning to try out first?

Images: Google, Flickr

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