50 Simple Bridal Hairstyles For Curly Hair April 27, 2017

Who doesn’t want to look their best on the wedding day? We list out 50 different hairstyles which are simple yet classy. Create a stir once you wear them. The variations are easy to achieve and take less time.

So let’s have a look at simple yet trendy bridal hairstyles for curly hair:

1. Short Tight Curls:

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Pull back your curls and tie it up with accessories. Use a headband or flowers. If you have straight hair, you can temporary curl your hair to get this look.

2. Side Clasp with Loose Curls:

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This hairstyle will definitely make you look fresh. Curl your hair in beach waves. Part the hair on one side and use a big accessory to hold the hair. You can also apply a hairspray to help hold the style longer.

3. Curly Updo Bun:

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Curl the hair, tie it up. Put the remaining hair into a bun. Let few strands loose to soften your face. Decorate it with interesting jewels.

4. Curly Up Half Down:

Curl the hair and part it from a side. Take hair from the middle section and pull it back in half up style. Put this at the back of your and secure with pins. Keep it simple or give it a fluffy look. Wear a pretty Tiara or a simple headband to add the shimmer.

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5. Braided Bun:

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Curl your hair from ear level; braid the front section to give a headband effect. Gather the remaining hair and pull it up into a bun. Use jewellery, flowers or keep it simple.

6. Chignon Bun:

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You can never go wrong with a Chignon bun. Put your hair on the side, pull it into a loop and secure it with pins.

7. Voluminous Bun:

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Here comes one of the simplest bridal updos for curly hair. Make a deep side parting, and pull the hair to the side to make a chignon bun. The deep side parting gives volume and yes a sultry glamorous look.

8. Reverse Braids:

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This style is rather tactful. You would need a helping hand to weave the strands and get the messy yet detailing effect which would be set with a flower or beads as accessories.

9. Highly Tousled Low Bun:

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Make a low bun with strong tousled hair to attain a highly refined look. The style appears understated but is very refined. Accessorise the style with flowers!

10. Uptown Chignon:

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A different yet stylish and an easiest bridal hairstyle for curly hair to sport! Use a net to keep everything in place. A knotted pony turned into a bun is what you should aim for.

11. Sleek Fine Bangs:

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A straight hairdo with a deep centre part that would make you look classy and elegant. The style has fine blunt bangs. Keep the hair smooth and flawless by applying a good hair serum.

 12. Braided Chignon:

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Gather your plaits and make a chignon. The sleek chignon would keep you a very classy and chic.

13. Flyaway Knot:

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Unconventional brides can go for a messy to knot for the d’ day. A simple knot or a bun would make you fun and simple at the same time.

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14. A-Tisket, A-Tasket:

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Try a bohemian braid this time. Weave it with five strands or more. Ideal for a barn or a vineyard wedding! A few small flowers would complete the style.

15. M.M Inspired Hairstyle:

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Get inspired by the yesteryears of Hollywood; style your thick short hair in Marylyn Monroe’s signature style for your wedding day.

16. Fade to Braid:

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This is one of the best bridal hairstyles for long curly hair! The bohemians inspire this style. This hairstyle boasts a deep part and a low ponytail. Opt for a lace wedding gown with this hairstyle. Incorporate a braid anywhere to complete the bohemian effect.

17. Ballerina Bun:

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Dress up like a ballerina, yet keep it simple with this style. This is often described as a cool girl bun, simple yet different.

18. Braid Waves:

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Braid your wet hair loosely, dry it with a diffuser and undo the braids. The braid effect gives a striking detail to your hair. Wear a veil and you are set to go.

19. Low Braid Chignon:

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Get innovative by combining braids with a chignon. Tie a scarf or wear veil and you are ready to walk down the aisle.

20. Natural Wonder:

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This hairstyle is feminine and sexy. Gives a very fresh and sexy look; perfect for a lavish wedding gown. You can breeze down the aisle in this modern style.

21. Pony Up:

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Make a polished bouncy and frizz free low pony. Apply a styling product for that wet look.

22. Mod Style:

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This style would go very well with a short white dress. It would be a sixty’s inspired look but still very fresh and modern.

23. Headband with Spiral Edgy Curls:

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Make any updo a knot or a bun and pair it with a headband. You are good to go!

24. Subtly Tousled with Fine Layered Waves:

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Brush out your hair and create soft waves which you can wear with an A-line wedding gown.

25. Subtle Bouffant with Finely Layered Edges:

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A light airy hairstyle that is simple and easy to achieve. It’s sleek yet breezy. Use a styling product to keep the hair in place. Team up with organza gowns.

26. Sleek Half Up in Medium Length:

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Try the half up half down style with the updated version of cool placement of the clip in a way to keep the hair away from the place.

27. Vintage Waves:

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Another style inspired by old Hollywood glamour. Opt for a bird cage veil for a subtle look. Tie up the waves in an updo or let it fall on the shoulders.

28. Side Swept with a Twist Updo:

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Try this one shoulder cascade swept to one side and decorated with a big flower or a hair accessory.

29. Fishtail Braids:

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Weave this tacky ‘do and set it up with small flowers or beads and you are ready.

30. Miniature Braids:

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For a natural setting have a more casual easy hairdo, make mini braids and put them into a small bun which would resemble a knot and let the rest of the hair fall.

31. Highlighted Waves:

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Natural waves coupled with highlights would complement the facial details.

32. Retro Glam:

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Add some sheen from the retro decade with curls and twists combined with side or centre partings.

33. Knotted Ponytails:

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Knot your pony and make it wavy or curl it. You are sure to bring in the element of freshness when you walk down the aisle on your big day.

34. Pixie Cut:

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Short hair is not an understatement. A pixie cut redefines the beauty when it comes to weddings. Go for it in your white gown.

35. Twisted Up-Dos:

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A twist and a turn always define interesting. Make it your fashion definition on your wedding day.

36. Braided Ponytails:

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Braided ponytail gives a messy yet tender definition.

37. Tuck Hair Ponytail:

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This unique pony hairstyle exudes elegance and class. With the hair tucked in below the ponytail, this style requires skill and efficiency.

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38. Bun Bangs:

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Bangs and bun go effortlessly together. A crown braid runs across the head behind the slight mid-part and fuses with the chignon. The style is a slightly complicated but worth the effort.

39. Tousled Bun:

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This bun exudes a tousled and wavy effervescence. The twirled bang in the front adds to the messiness in the style. The coiled bang gives a stylish twist to the bun.

40. Tousled Updo:

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The hairdo exudes a classic vibe. The waves and curls intertwined neatly making the style graceful. The updo makes the bride feel ready for the crown.

41. Waved Strands in Half Updo:

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For a soft alluring coiffure, pull back the wavy tresses into a half up do that is done in a neat way and does not look messy.

42. Waved Chignon:

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Wavy hair, very fair! Roll it up into a side or a low chignon which is easy to make. Decorate it with fresh white flowers.

43. Sophisticated Twist:

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The multi braided bun exudes high sophistication and skill. The style in itself is very intricate, so no decoration is required, though you choose what you want.

44. Free Flowing Ponytails:

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Tie up the curls into a ponytail that does not look too sleek or polished. But still complements you evenly. Hot red lips go very well with the uneven waves behind.

45. Middle Parted Curly Chignon:

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Try the curly version with or without the parting. The bangs fall delicately over the face. Accentuate the style with big earrings.

46. Askew Chignon:

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Another variation of the chignon, the side parting, slightly puffed up crown contributes to the sexiness it exudes.

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47. High Knotted Bun:

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Gather your hair and hold them in a high knot bun. Sleek and classy, the simpler you keep, the more sultry it is. You can further spice up with bangs.

48. Wavy Bun Hairdo:

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The waves tied up behind loosely make you soft and tender in the wedding gown. Smaller accessories would add to the sheen. Make sure you keep it simple. Let the soft curls in the front do the trick.

49. Curled up Bun:

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Here comes one of the easiest bridal hairstyles for naturally curly hair. Add the curls and waves, gather the rest of the hair behind, and you have a raunchy bride ready.

50. Slick Back Bun:

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Try this updo, perfect with either with a side parting or a parting. It is bound to accentuate your features ten times fold. Make sure you wear trendy earrings.

Wedding looks are incomplete without flowers or other accessories. Decorate according to your choice but never go over the top.

Hope you liked all these bridal hairstyles for curly hair! We appreciate your feedback please leave your comments below.

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