The only thing on your mind when you pregnant is the health of the baby and a wish for a normal delivery. The right diet for yourself and for the baby is something that we all monitor but what about the right exercises. Follow the right regime of exercise during pregnancy for normal delivery can ensure that there are no complications and you can even avoid a ceserean section. This is why during pregnancy, it is important to perform certain exercises to ensure that you have a normal delivery without complications.

Exercise During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery Videos

Here are the 10 best exercises during pregnancy for normal delivery.

1. Opening hips:

The above url shows an effective way of opening up your hips to help you have a normal delivery. This involves performing a deep squat which aids in releasing all the energy from your pelvis. Then, take 5 deep breaths when in the squat pose. Repeat this at least 2-3 times. It is important to note that this exercise should not be performed after completing 36 weeks of pregnancy.

2. Pelvic Stretches:

Pelvic stretches are very effective to induce normal delivery. It should be performed on a ball, pillow or a chair. Keep your feet rooted to the ground, stretch your legs apart and keep your back straight. This will then lead to stretching and shifting of your pelvis forward and backward. This can be repeated to a maximum of at least 20 times, depending on your comfort level.

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3. Yoga:

Yoga is the remedy for every physical move we make. It helps develop elasticity and helps in giving the body the required endurance power without having to carry weights. Yoga, so far, has been considered best for having a normal pregnancy. The above video puts together a few best steps suitable for a pregnant woman to safely practice yoga.

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4. Downward Dog:

The downward dog position is best to impart sustaining power to your thigh muscles during pregnancy. During delivery, the thighs need a good holding capacity and this exercise helps you with the same. The exercise requires one to widen their legs and bend on all four, raising the hip towards the sky. Hold on to that position with a slight pressure on the thigh muscles and then release.

5. Aquatic Pregnancy Exercise:

Water lightens up your weight which is why it is good for performing exercises. A pregnant woman must make use of a float when in water as this will help her to maintain balance. Stretches and lunges done in water help to soothe the muscles and also avoid acute labor pain.

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6. Pelvic tilt or Angry Cat:

A pelvic tilt helps in avoiding the pain a pregnant woman goes through during labor and delivery. To have a normal delivery the back needs a good amount of support, hence a pelvic tilt when done on all fours can strengthen the back muscles. Once on all fours, suck in your abdominal muscles and pull the buttocks in line with your stomach and then release.

7. Squat:

Squats during pregnancy are a good way to give your pelvic muscles some loosening and contraction which helps in lowering delivery pain. Taking the toilet position with the support of a gym ball or holder, will give your thighs and pelvic area a good pressure to brace you up for the D Day.

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8. Cobbler Pose:

Cobbler Pose or the tailor pose gives your pelvis area a good stretch. During delivery, the pelvic area undergoes heavy stress as the outlet needs to be flexible, hence this exercise helps you build flexibility and endurance power. An advice – do this exercise with a cushion below your back and thighs.

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9. Walking:

Walking is the best remedy to lose the extra weight. The body accumulates fat in many areas in the body during pregnancy due to less physical strain. Walking in the house or in the park helps create flexibility and also avoids gaining fat in odd places.

10. Deep Breathing:

Deep breathing exercises help a lot during pregnancy as they help you practice for the delivery phase. They also help in proper respiration for both the mother and baby.

Before you start performing these exercises, it is always better if you ask your doctor’s advice. Be careful while practicing these exercises. Have a safe pregnancy!

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    Great post! It is very important to exercise during pregnancy to maintain good health of both mother and child. The videos is an added help. Well researched article.