DIY – Simple Homemade Face Wash Tutorial With Detailed Steps And Images February 1, 2017

How many of you prefer natural ingredients and products for your skin? Well, I do. Either I use products from the Forest Essential’s skincare range, which are all natural; or better still, I prefer making my own natural cleanser, scrub etc. at home. Trust me; even a spa with chemical loaded creams will not give your skin as much benefit as these natural products. So, I am going to share my natural homemade face wash recipe with you today. You can follow the directions given here as they are or you can tweak them a little to suit your skin type.

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Note: I have dry skin which gets even drier during winters and this face wash will work best for dry skinned girls like me.

8 Steps to Homemade Face Wash – Almond Face Scrub:

This is a simple 2 ingredient recipe and does not involve anything fancy. I know how rushed for time we are during the mornings and it makes no sense to spend time on mixing 5-6 ingredients! Also, these two ingredients are sufficient to cleanse the face thoroughly, so why complicate things by adding more stuff?

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So, let’s get started with this homemade daily face wash.

Step 1:

Take a few almonds, preferably the ones that retain oil in them instead of the dry ones. I have used “mamra giri” which is the best kind actually and readily available.

Step 2:

Grind these almonds and store the powder in a clean air tight container. You just have to scoop out half a spoon of the powder for one time wash.

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Step 3:

Take 1-2 spoons of milk, preferably raw.

Step 4:

Pour the milk into a clean small bowl.

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Step 5:

Add the powdered almonds in the milk.

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Step 6:

Mix the two contents to form a medium consistency paste which is neither too thick nor too thin.

Step 7:

This is your homemade face wash, ready in seconds!

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Step 8:

Apply this on your face, massage gently just as you do with market face washes and then wash off. Alternatively, if you have time, you can keep the paste on for 5-10 minutes, then rub and wash off.


You will see all the dirt and after-effects of pollution gone with this cleanser. This is equally or in certain cases, more effective than the costly face washes you buy from the market. Also, as I said before, there is no technology involved. Making it hardly takes any time, so you’ll face no time crunch even during the rushed morning hours. Hard to believe I know. Just give it one try, and I promise, you will never buy a face wash from the market again! Use it for a week or 10 days and if you do not see a difference in your skin, you may go back to your face wash but do give it a try.

Almonds are really effective when it comes to dirt removal and imparting radiance to the skin. Raw milk lightens the complexion, gives suppleness to the skin and keeps dryness at bay. Since, there are no chemicals involved; skin’s moisture is not hampered at all which was my problem with most of the market bought face washes.

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Things To Remember:

1. Almonds should be finely grounded or else it will work more like a scrub instead of a facial cleanser.

2. Do not keep the mixture in the open for long because natural ingredients tend to degrade very soon due to lack of any preservative.

3. You may add a mixture of rose water and milk in the same quantity instead of milk alone in case you have normal-dry skin and require very little moisturisation.

So, all you dry skinned beauties out there – I understand your skincare woes. I really do because I have gone through the same problems myself. But this natural, home made face wash has really helped my skin tone. My skin no longer feels dry and patchy. Making this cleanser takes minimum effort but the results are amazing. Try it and come back to share your experience. Keep looking beautiful till my next post!