6 Simple Steps To Practice Brahma Kumaris Meditation November 30, 2016

When we speak of meditation, the first thing that comes to our mind is relaxing ourselves and learning how to manage our thoughts. Meditation helps you concentrate better and enjoy the beauty of life in the simplest of things. When you meditate, you are able to speak to your inner soul and come to an understanding with yourself. People who have practiced meditation have spoken about its numerous benefits and how much their lives have improved after they incorporated this spiritual practice into their lifestyle.

Speaking of meditation and its various types, one that we must speak about is Brahma Kumaris Meditation. This is nothing other than Raja Yoga meditation. It is simple to do and something that will help you experience the ultimate relationship every human has with their inner soul. Like any other skill, one has to practice this daily to get satisfying results. By doing meditation every day, this would become a natural and very easy habit.

How To Practice Brahma Kumaris Meditation:

Here are the steps you need to follow to practice Raja yoga or Brahma Kumaris meditation:

1. Find A Quiet Place:

The primary prerequisite to practice meditation of any kind is to find a place that is quiet and peaceful. Your bedroom will be perfect for this. All you need for this is a clean mat and some comfortable clothes. Just put them on, find a place that is free from noise and clutter and settle yourself there.

2. Sit And Focus:

The next thing you need to do is sit on the mat. Keep focusing your attention on the present moment. It will be good if you could keep your eyes open. This is an effective way to practice Brahma Kumaris meditation.

3. Withdraw Attention:

Now withdraw your attention from the sounds that surround you. Make a note of your thoughts. You should be aware of what you are thinking. Now slow them down. Breathe in and out deeply.

4. Create Peaceful Thoughts:

Now as your thoughts have started to slow down, try and create a peaceful thought in your mind. You could tell yourself “I am a peaceful soul” in your mind. Let this thought make you aware of the world around you. You should be seated throughout this. This is an important part of your meditation.

5. Continue To Create Peaceful Thoughts:

Continue saying “I am a peaceful soul”. You could also try lines such as “Peace is my original nature”. These thoughts and words will soon become a part of your soul as well as your nature. It will bring you into profound experience of peace.

6. Continue With Daily Activities:

Once you are done with this, go ahead and finish the chores. Spread the peace and happiness you have discovered in this workout in all the work that you do throughout the day. When you start doing this, you will get deeper into the depths of meditative experience which will become an integral part of your lifestyle.


Brahma Kumaris meditation is full of benefits. Let’s check out a couple of them.

  1. You will be energized from the head to the foot and find replacement to feelings of fear, depression and anxiety.
  2. You will learn to tolerate and control yourself during difficult phases of life.
  3. You will know how to accommodate other people and their feelings.

Any kind of meditation can work like magic to improve one’s quality of life. Happiness, joy, peace—all can be yours. Embrace this practice and allow your inner self to shine bright with tranquility—that is what life is meant for after all!

Do you meditate? Have you tried Brahma Kumaris meditation? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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