5 Simple Steps to Practice Star Jumps April 19, 2017

Do you want a fitter and toned body without having to go to the gym? And do you want to perform an exercise that is both inexpensive and easy, and at the same time very effective? Then star jumps should be the best bet!

Star jumps, or jumping jacks is a wonderful exercise routine and has great benefits. Would you like to know how to do star jumps and the benefits it offers? Go ahead and read!

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How To Perform Star Jumps:

Before you begin this exercise, make sure you have a flat, preferably padded surface to perform the exercise over. Also, keep a mirror handy to help adjust your position better. For help in following the directions, check out this video (1).

1st Step:

Stand on a flat surface, with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees a little and keep your arms by your sides.

2nd Step:

Begin bending your knees and getting into a squat position. Once there, jump up as high as you can.

3rd Step:

While you jump, extend your legs and arms out to the sides and form a star shape with your body in midair. Your arms should be at a 45-degree angle with your torso.

4th Step:

On your descent from the jump, tuck your arms and legs towards your body, getting into the position you were before jumping. Ensure that you perform the jump at an easy pace. Don’t go too fast, or you might injure yourself. Try and land softly with your knees bent.

5th Step:

Begin squatting again and perform a second star jump, taking care that you follow the instructions above. This exercise is usually performed in quick succession, usually in 3-4 sets of 10-15 star jumps. Pulling your arms inward helps you prepare for the next jump.

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Benefits Of Star Jumps:

Now that you know how to perform star jumps, you might want to know what the benefits of performing this particular exercise are!

1. Inexpensive:

This is probably a cynical view, but this is most definitely a benefit of performing star jumps. Apart from a yoga mat, you don’t need anything else to perform this exercise. There is no need for large space, and this ensures that you can perform this exercise at home, and you don’t need to go to a fancy gym.

2. Timely:

Star jumps don’t usually take a lot of time. Once you are used to a decent pace, performing three 12-15 star-jump sets will not take you more than 25 minutes, which ensures that you don’t have to toil on machines for hours to burn a lot of fat.

3. Boost Metabolic Rate:

Metabolic rate, also known as basal metabolic rate, is the minimal rate of energy expended per unit time by warm blooded animals when they are at rest (2). And for those of you who are battling obesity, or simply want to keep in the best possible shape, consider adding star jumps to your routine. Star jump is a great exercise for boosting metabolic rate and inducing weight loss.

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Although star jumps are a great alternative to cardio and have other benefits over conventional exercise methods, there are certain variations you can include to get that ripped body.

You can consider performing a combination of a star jump and a squat thrust. This can add that extra bit of toughness to your star jump and helps you burn more calories. However, don’t perform a variation until you have mastered the star jump, as an awkward fall or movement can lead to overstretched and fatigued muscles.

So, why wait? Add star jumps workout to your regular regime today. If you haven’t started ever, don’t worry! The star jump is a basic exercise and you can consider beginning your exercise career by performing it. If you perform any other variations or know of any other star jumps benefits, share your thoughts with us. Leave a comment below.

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