10 Simple Steps To Practice Walking Meditation January 30, 2017

Don’t you wish that you could meditate in different poses every day? Did you know that you could walk, while you meditate? Performing the same exercise or meditation technique over and over can be rather boring. The best thing to do is discover newer techniques. Walking meditation is one such variation. It offers several benefits. Here we list some walking meditation techniques which you can try for training your mind and body.

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An Overview:

Most of us have pictures of the day we first walked. Our parents remember it clearly, having celebrated the day. Walking is one of the biggest assets we possess. Your legs learn to balance at a very early age and since then you don’t stop. Walking is an integral part of your daily routine and harnessing it for meditation can be fruitful for your mind and body. There are many types of walking meditation techniques (1).

Walking meditation is one of the simplest forms of meditation and is usually performed outdoors in the fresh air. Take out 20 minutes from your busy schedule and perform walking meditation every day. It is a separate exercise, so do not combine it with brisk-walking or any another exercise. Before you begin your walk, stand still for a while. Concentrate on your body fully, start breathing deeply, and observe your breathing pattern. Begin walking now at an easy pace initially. Be conscious towards the sensations of your body. Do not get distracted by the things around you. Want to know how to do walking meditation? Let’s have a look.

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Guide To Walking Meditation:

  1. You can take up walking in a line or a circular path. You can cover the same path several times or take 10-15 steps forward and 10-15 steps backward. You can start walking and continue it for five minutes and then return.
  2. You have to stand up in a straight position. Make sure that the spine is upright, but you shouldn’t be making an effort to stiffen the back. Your feet should be firmly grounded to distribute the body weight evenly.
  3. In this technique, curl your left-hand thumb in and wrap your fingers around the thumb. Raise your left hand and rest it on the belly button. Wrap your right hand around the left hand; the right thumb should rest in the gap that is formed between the left thumb and your index finger.
  4. You can drop your gaze slightly while walking. It will help you focus while walking. Also, if you look a few steps ahead, it will give a different feel.
  5. Now, take out your left foot. Try to feel it and start swinging. The heel should touch the ground. Feel it. Now feel the ball and then the toes.
  6. Now, take out the right foot and try to feel it. Start swinging it. Feel the heel touching the ground, then the ball and lastly the toes.
  7. Walk at a constant speed, little slower than your normal speed, but not too slow. If you get distracted, bring your attention back to normal. 3
  8. While you are walking, pay attention to how each foot is in direct contact with the surface.
  9. Now observe the things around. Listen to the sounds and smell the things surrounding you. Do not try to differentiate the smells that you like and dislike. Just make yourself aware of everything around you.
  10. At the end of the meditation practice, you’ll be able to notice a difference in your everyday morning walk. Walking meditation is a simple technique and anyone can perform it.

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You can perform walking meditation at any place and anytime; on a vacation, on the move, anywhere. Thus, walking meditation is simple, and you can do it while on the move, any place and anytime. However, for better results, you must decide a particular time for carrying out these walking meditation techniques. The benefits of walking meditation are immense, and you can only experience them once you start practicing.

How did you find the post? Are you going to follow the walking meditation technique right away? Why? Share with us in the comments section below!

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