How To Get Rid of Pimples On Nose (5 Ways To Remove) December 28, 2016

Clearing pimples from the nose is a long and arduous task as zits on the nose are usually stubborn and take ages to pop. Speaking from experience, pimple on nose are both painful and obstinate, taking over a week to subside, ruining snaps of family and friends with a large, ugly dot blotting an otherwise beautiful snap. Scratching, pricking or tweezing the pimple only makes it bigger and nastier, something I can assure you, having tried it in desperation.

To my fellow sufferers, I have rounded up a few quick fix remedies for those terrifying days when you discover a zit in its entire glory bang centre on your nose! A word to the wise however, these techniques work on single pimples as rapid remedies and should not be used for a full-blown acne problem as you could end up with dry, patchy, itchy and irritated skin.

Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples On Your Nose:

1. Lemon Juice

  • Squeeze few drops of lemon juice on cotton wool and place it on your nose. Lemons are acidic and will help to clean and dry the pimple, making it less discernible. Leave for at-least fifteen minutes before you can wash it off.
  • Fresh lemon juice is the best remedy, but bottled juice works almost as effectively. Lemon juice makes your skin photosensitive, so it is better to avoid stepping out during the day if you have juice on your nose.

2. Ice

An ice pack is another fast acting remedy for pimple on nose. Wrap a few pieced of ice or crushed ice in a clean cloth and press it against the pimple for about twenty minutes. This reduces inflammation and swelling, reducing the size of the pimple making it less obvious.

3. Tea Tree Oil

  • A mild yet effective agent, tea tree oil clears moderate acne. Apply a few drops of the oil on the affected area and wash off in about ten minutes or apply a cream or lotion that contains tea tree oil.
  • 5% tea tree oil content in creams is sufficient to clear the zit on the nose within a day.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Undiluted Apple Cider Vinegar is almost never recommended on the skin unless you are confronted by a large, boiling red, ugly pimple. Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures and Apple Cider Vinegar certainly fits the bill!
  • Apply one drop only on the zit and wash off in about fifteen minutes. I would like to remind you not to use this as a permanent solution for acne. Use only once to reduce inflammation and swelling of the zit.


  • Possibly the best known and employed solution for stubborn zits is toothpaste. Use the white variety and not the gel based tubes.
  • Apply a generous dollop on the pimple and leave the toothpaste on overnight. Wash off with cold water the next day. Your pimple will have shrunken to about half its original size.
  • Silica in toothpaste dries out the pimple and diminishes it.

5. Listerine Mouth Wash:

  • Dip a clean washcloth or swab of cotton in a few drops of Listerine mouth wash and dab on the nose pimple. Wash off after ten minutes.
  • Listerine has bacteria fighting agents that destroy accumulated bacteria in the zit and reduces inflammation. Listerine also acts as an astringent.
  • Ensure that you use only the original flavor of Listerine as the other flavors have added agents that can worsen your case.

These super quick remedies for pimples on nose should help you rid yourself of nasty zits, and make you look pretty and dainty.

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