6 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Pimples Behind Ears

6 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Pimples Behind Ears September 20, 2017

Every individual is concerned about his or her skin because everyone wants to look beautiful. Pimples can be pretty annoying. They tend to cause swellings on the skin and are normally filled with pus. Pimples tend to occur when the sebaceous glands become hyperactive in nature. The oil secreted from these glands causes blockage in the pores which in turn get contaminated with germs and bacteria, henceforth resulting in swellings on the skin’s surface, on the nose, behind the ears etc. These breakouts can affect a person psychologically and therefore, should be treated and cured properly. The following article explains you ways to avoid pimples behind ears.

Various Ways of Getting Rid of Pimples Behind Ears:

1. Hot Compress:

The most effective way of getting away with pimples and preventing its occurrence is a compress with hot water which helps in drying out the pimple. Application of cotton or a towel submerged in boiling water helps in widening and opening up the pores of the face. Once the pores have opened up, the dirt tends to get out when cleaned with a gentle face wash and may help an individual attain clear skin. It is recommended to adopt such a habit thrice a day.

2. Citric Acid Application:

Citrus juice or Vitamin C is very helpful, as its application helps in the contraction of the tissues, henceforth, thrusting the oil out of the swellings. The medicinal qualities held by citric acid help in killing the germs and bacteria as they find it very laborious to live in an acidic ambience. To attain clear skin, application of citrus juice should be made before a shower and rinsed after ten minutes with cold water.

3. Tea Tree Oil:

The oil derived from the leaves of tea tree as well as milk is very helpful in treating pimples. Application of milk that contains alpha hydroxy acids or tea tree oil assists in displacing lifeless skin; the pores tend to get unclogged through the removal of the outer layer of dead skin along with accumulated oil and dirt. Tea tree oil has medicinal compounds which kill the germs and hasten the process of healing. This process should be followed thrice each day.

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4. Alcohol & Cologne:

These both are very helpful in treating pimples and unwanted spots on the skin. An application of a ball of cotton, or a washcloth submerged in alcohol or cologne helps in getting rid of such pimples. The liquid helps in removing the germs and bacteria from the skin, and opens up the pores of the skin.

5. Egg White Application:

If an individual tends to be very prone to pimples on neck behind ears or anywhere on skin, he or she should apply eggs to get back to normal condition. The presence of vitamins and zinc helps to fight against pimples. The whites of the eggs should be blended well and applied. The application should be washed off after a span of thirty minutes in a proper manner to attain clear skin.

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6. Basic Care:

An individual should not burst the pimples since their removal takes place only from the outside but the problem may still persist inside. Bursting may cause the growth of another pimple, so it should be abstained from. Getting away with stress in daily life is essential since proper relaxation and asanas help in the secretion of endorphins and an increment in the circulation of blood. An increased flow of blood provides essential vitamins and nutrients, and hence helps in the subsidization of the pimples. Your hair too should be rinsed on a routine basis, as dirty hair leads to the growth of germs which may cause problems of acne on the face and especially pimples around ears.

Hope you find these effective and these ways would certainly help you in getting rid of pimple like bumps behind ears or anywhere on the skin. Do leave us a comment below.

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