Skin Care During Pregnancy November 6, 2015

Hello, to be mommies! Are you one of them who can’t decide on what to eat and which products to buy during pregnancy? Not only that, you’re always busy reading labels up and down, left and right to make sure the products are safe to use during your pregnancy? In that case, we are here to help you.

From acne to stretch marks, pregnancy certainly brings that glow on your skin but it may also lead to skin problems. Remember with eating the right food, drinking healthy juice, applying natural cream or whatever you use, will not only work for you and your skin, but also on your little thing growing inside you. So instead of poring over your ingredients lists look at these simple yet useful ways to treat the nuisances connected to skin care in pregnancy.

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Skin Care During Pregnancy:

  • Avoid experimenting with skincare products and consult a doctor immediately when you notice even minor changes in your skin.
  • The best way to treat your skin during pregnancy is with simplicity and consistency. So, use natural cleansers like Purifying Cream Cleanser.
  • Do not go for facials or bleach as it may cause breakouts and acne. Instead, you can exfoliate your dull, itchy skin by using nourishing scrub, like Basq Sugar Body Polish. The scrub contains shea butter and other essential oils.
  • Wash your face more often to reduce chances of breakouts and acne instead it’s better if you use hair removing creams occasionally.
  • Research states that following a low glycemic index diet, results in fewer acne outbreaks. This means you need to cut down your refined sugars, carbohydrates, and sugar-containing foods.
  • If you have been using soaps, consider switching to a body wash. Soaps tend to cause acne dry your skin even more as it removes more of the natural oils. We recommend.
  • Also consider quick baths to avoid further drying of your skin. Itching is a very common problem during pregnancy.
  • Try gently massaging cream or oil, like Mambino Organics Anti-Stretch & Rebound Skin Duo on to your tummy. The added advantage is that makes your skin more supple and reduces stretch marks.
  • For stretch marks, use Shea Butter or products with olive oil. We love, Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme, this product is perfect forwomen who has stretch marks and even for very dry skin.
  • Massage your body with warm olive oil or nourishing oil. In which case, we prefer Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Baby Oil thatsoothes the irritated skin.
  • Use sunscreens always. It helps prevent wrinkles and treats melasma (dark skin spots) in pregnant women. It is also recommended to avoid the sun both while pregnant and after giving birth. Try Badger Sunblock for Face and Body for its all-natural and incredibly thick, perfect for your.
  • Make sure you avoid retinol products and salicylic acid products during pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy, skin gets more dry or oily. So the best way to treat that is by using emollient moisturizers (if dry,) and we recommend using oil-control products if oily.
  • The best way to treat pregnancy acne is by applying at-home glycolic peels, such as BeautyRx Advanced 10% Exfoliating Therapy Pads.
  • Have lots of fruits, raisins, yogurt, and salads, in fact, opt for healthy Mediterranean diet and drink lots of liquids and water. It will work on your skin too.


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So here are a few tips that will help you treat various pregnancy skin problems. Hope this article helps you and let you produce you a healthy glow!!!

  • Meeta

    Im soon expecting my first child.. and im quite excited about it. Your tips seem real important. i have oily skin. but still i do expeience a lot of itching. But seems like your tips will be of real help. thnks for sharing with us..

  • Neeti

    Woww.. super cool article.. my best frnd is expecting and is in her 6th month. i hope ur article.. which im sharing with her.. helps her achieve great skin care.. :)

  • Parina

    Your tips for pregnancy care are nice and apt.. each important point has to be remembered while taking care of the skin. Really nice of Style Craze to post such article too..:)

  • Pavitra

    Good post style craze.. im to share these really good tips with my cousin.. and bhabi.. both are expecting.. hope it helps them at best.. :)