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Skin Care During Weight Loss

Skin Care During Weight Loss October 30, 2017

Everyone wants to be thin these days and people go to every length to lose weight. Weight loss has to be done in a moderate and healthy manner. You can’t just go on a crash diet and expect good results. Not only are crash diets unhealthy for the body, but for the skin too! For some people, even a normal weight loss diet can cause skin issues. This can clearly say that weight loss and skin care are highly related.

The no.1 skin issue felt is loosening of skin and dullness but there are many more that you probably don’t even realize! Here are some tips that will help keep your skin healthy and glowing, so you have one less thing to think about on your journey to slim. Know those tips for skin care during weight loss.

Skin care during weight loss

Get your skin a drink!

Your skin needs moisture to stay supple and elastic, so drink down a lot of water every day.  Experts say at least 8 glasses! Try not to overdo it though; too much water can also dissolve important electrolytes and salts in your body! Also use a good lotion or cream to keep your skin moisturized. Since most diets are low fat, your body doesn’t get as much moisture as it would have before leaving it dry, dull and generally lackluster. So drink up!

Sweat it out!

Sure, diets make you thin but for real fitness, you need to hit the gym! Exercise makes your blood circulate to your skin better, releases endorphins and makes you sweat, expelling your body’s toxins. Leaving you with shiny healthy glowing skin! And those endorphins will keep you happy all day, so that’s a bonus!

Gaining muscle while you lose fat lessens the possibility of sagging skin. Muscle tissue gets firm over the bones and as the fat present beneath the skin leaves away, the skin now takes the form of a muscle.

Don’t forget: Vital Vitamins!

Vitamin supplements give you the nutrients you miss out on while dieting, Vitamin C especially helps build collagen in the body. Collagen keeps your skin taut and wrinkle free. So pop that Vitamin C!

Scrub away!

Exfoliating your skin is crucial during weight loss. It builds circulation and helps in new skin growth! And, did you know? You can scrub off almost 0.5 pounds of dead skin from your body in a day? So shed a little weight while you exfoliate too!

Quit smoking and alcohol intake!

Smoking cigar alters certain biochemical actions in the body that cause progression in aging and your skin thus loses elastic nature. It therefore causes more harm to the body and skin, so you need to stay away from these bad habits.

Following a proper skin schedule!

Get for a regular skin regime of cleaning, toning and moisturizing. Skin tightening packs are preferable to avoid sagging that happens due to lack of nutrition. Use eggs and honey included face masks to help tighten the skin.

I hope these tips on skin care while losing weight can make you as beautiful as you want to be!


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