Sofia Vergara Beauty Secrets

sofia vergara beauty secrets

Sofia Vergara of the very popular american television show “Modern Family” is a bombshell and even at her age, she maintained her looks and continues to grow more beautiful each day. Isn’t that something we all want too! Here are a few Beauty secrets that Sofia Vergara shared with several publications:

1. Sofia on Workout:

Sofia has confessed that she is not a workout person. She has never enjoyed doing it and hence likes to have a trainer so that she sticks to her workout sessions. She does 1 hour workout routines for 2 or 3 times a week on weights and cardio.

2. Sofia on Beauty:

sofia vergara beauty tips
Sofia has confessed that her beauty icon is Sofia Loren. She loves how Sofia Loren has retained her love and preferences even after she came to Hollywood.

She has also been heard to say that she never leaves home without makeup even if it only means a bit of blush on her cheeks. Her favourites? She absolutely loves the Covergirl Lash blast 24 hour mascara. Her favourite eyeshadow is the Covergirl queen collection eyeshadow in hot toffee.

  • Her beauty must have is crème de la mer. She is heard to store it in little containers so that she can carry it while travelling. She also wears mascara all the time as she has blonde eyelashes.
  • Her red carpet look consists of loads of mascara, eye liner and darker eye shadows.
  • Her diet consists of chicken and fish turkey. She does not eat red meat. As in Latin America each event is marked with food, she always struggles to limit her cravings. She has a sweet tooth and loves all desserts like macaroons and cake. She limits her wine intake.
  • She washes her hair every day. She usually blow dries her hair with a drier and brushes it along to make the hair look thicker.
  • She likes to keep herself hydrated with lots of water intake during travelling.

On being asked about doing multi task with her makeup she has confessed to have used herlipstck as blush, brow filler as eye shadow and has also smudged mascara as eye liner. 

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Her survival against cancer:

Vergara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in her 20s. She claims that after the cancer, she realized the need for a healthy body. She claims that the cancer episode changed her priorities and she strictly believes that it is very important to be good to one’s body. After her battle with cancer, she has not eaten red meat for seventeen years and never smoked either!

Sofia’s secret tip:

She confessed that she wears a lipstick all the time as her mother used to stress that wearing a lipstick gives the impression of looking well-put together. She also said that, being a Latin girl, she always watched her mother do makeup and loved applying a little blush or lipstick when she was just fourteen years old. 

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