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Star Beauty Secret: Kate Winslet

Star Beauty Secret: Kate Winslet September 26, 2017

Titanic 3D being all set to release in 2 days, today let us tell you the beauty secret of beautiful Rose. We all loved her innocence and simplicity in this movie. But above all, what we loved the most is her flawless skin and beauty. Those rosy cheeks, pink lips and minimal makeup, nevertheless she looked like an angel from heaven, strikingly beautiful. Hers is a classic beauty, nothing cosmetic. We don’t hear of her taking botox or getting into cosmetic surgeries every other day. She keeps changing her makeup according to her age. “In my early 20s, I had a much rounder face — puppy fat. Now, in my 30s, it’s more angular, and my makeup needs are different.”

She doesn’t believe in the skinny or zero size figure. She tries to maintain it through exercises and is in favour for the round hourglass figure. “How do I treat myself occasionally? By drinking plenty of fat Coke. I rarely drink soda, but when I do, it’s not diet, it’s the real stuff.”

Beautiful Kate Winslet face:

She follows a face diet, meaning a diet regime that keeps her face glowing and attractive. She follows this diet strictly for 2 days to remove all the toxins from her face. If you too want that super glow on your face without makeup, follow this:

  • Breakfast: 2 oranges and 2 mandarins.
  • Mid-morning: 1 glass of orange with lemon, kiwi or raspberry juice.
  • Lunch: 1 piece of watermelon, 1 cup grapes, 1 apple and 1 infusion.
  • Snack: 1 grapefruit and 1 mandarin.
  • Dinner: 3 slices of pineapple, 3 cookies, 1 banana and 1 infusion.

So this is the natural secret to her lovely face.

Sensuous Kate Winslet body:

This is her face, what about her body? What’s the secret to her perfect shape? She dances and practises Pilates. Ideal if you want to keep your body in good shape without getting skinny. She is one of them who say that women should respect their body and be happy as they are.

Glamorous Kate Winslet makeup:

The brand ambassador of Lancomeloves simple makeup. When at home, all that she uses are mascara, a bit of concealer and lip balm. But she also clarifies that the products are not that expensive. She prefers to use those products she knows work properly for her face, and they don’t have to be overpaid products. She also advises us not to wear so much make-up so you don’t look caked by the end of a long day and she makes it mandatory for us to remove makeup before going to bed. A must for all! You’ll be surprised to know, but the fact is that she does her own makeup even on red carpets for she believes “less is more”.

Kate sticks by the basic rule of how you can’t have more than one facial trait emphasized: it’s either the eyes or the lips. With her, it’s mostly the lips, which she likes to cover in bright red. For some reason, Kate rarely goes for the heavy smoky eyes look on the red carpet. “Glamour to me is about remaining graceful and understated. For example, with very bold lip colours, you can’t overdo the rest of your face,” the star says. “With a bright-red party lipstick, just go with lots of mascara and keep everything else clean. I love Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge lipstick, as it lasts. Unless you spend the whole night snogging, you won’t need to reapply it,” Kate explains. Of course, she also uses foundation: throughout the years, she discovered that she got better results by using a mix of two foundations instead of just one. At the same time, she steers clear from powder for a reason she’s not afraid to make public. “I rarely rely on one foundation – mixing two colours can make a big difference. I never use too much powder, only in the right areas [such as the T-zone]. I have peachy fuzz on my cheeks, so I have to be careful with powder,” she says.

Kate says, white is the worst colour you can wear at a public event because it’s “unforgiving” in more ways than one, and reveals how she saves face when it comes to pedicures: with red polish.

Sexy Kate Winslet hair:

Now, coming to her hair. If you want to get healthy and sexy hair like her, this is what she suggests you to do:

    • Brush your hair twice a day properly to remove any hair dust.
    • Switch to mild shampoos.
    • Feed your hair with a lot of vitamins, zinc and iron.
    • Never brush your hair when wet.
    • Massage your scalp frequently.
    • Use hair oil to give nutrition to your hair.
    • Cut your hair every three months, between 3 or 4 fingers.

A simple lady with mesmerising beauty.That’s all about her, the Rose of our heart – Kate Winslet!

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