9 Classic Long Hairstyles For Indian Women

Indian women = long hair. Do you agree?

Yeah, I mean, don’t you just love all those traditional hairstyles which our grandmoms used to flaunt so well? Ok, if you’ve missed that out, how can we forget our very own Bollywood Rapunzels Rekha, Hema Malini, Mumtaz and all of those yesteryear stars with signature hairstyles.

Nowadays we suffer from a hair malfunction. Either split ends or breakage or hair fall or simply keep the hair short because  we run out of time to pamper our tresses well. But those of you who have long hair with almost zero hair troubles, you are really lucky. This post is specially for you – let’s see some classic long hairstyles. .

Styling long hair at home:

Are you wondering how you can style your hair without needing a stylist’s suggestion? Here are a few simple suggestions styling at home of Indian hairstyles for long hair.

1. Classic Puffy Curls:

styling long hair indian girls

A puff followed by the curls trailing down the length of the hair! Such a wonderful retro look! 

2. Classic Loose Curls:

wonder full long hairstyle look Loose flexible curls- perfect for any pool party. 

3. Classic Long Curls:

long hairstyle with curly hair

 Naturally long curly hair. Cool and sexy. 

4. Classic Curly Waves:

latest long hairstyle  trends for teens

These loose curly waves with some hair accessories are perfect for a wedding party. Flattering for both the bride and the bridesmaid. 

5. Long Emo

black shaded hair color hairstyle for long hair

Emo hairstyle! Clip in some colourful hair extensions and you are all ready with this cut hairstyle for the funky theme party. yaay! 

6. Classic Straight locks:

shine long hairstyles

Don’t we all just wish for this? Long, straight and super shiny locks. 10 on 10 for this hairstyle. One of the best hairstyle for girls with long hair. 

7. Classic Straight Bangs:

hairstyle for long hair girls

Long straight hair with bangs or fringes. What do you think of this? 

8. Classic Long Braids:

fish tail long hairstyle trend

Braided hairstyle on long hair. Normal braid, French braid, Mermaid braid, reverse braid, fishtail braid, crown braid, Grecian braid… Can you think of anything other braids? 

9. Classic Ponytail:

braided long hairstyle look

Classic, elegant and sophisticated. Best described as sleek ponytail. Fitted for office or any formal occasions. If you wanna play it safe, go for this.

Which one’s your style ladies?

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  • becky

    I like the last hairstyle! Sleek pony tails are very urban, chic and neat to carry , be it any occasion or party. They look totally cool when sported with sheath dresses giving a very sophisticated look to ones personality.
    Red lips simply brings out the glam out of the look.

  • Kriti

    Well.. the article is too good.. Long hair really suits Indian women..!!! Would definitely try a few of them.

  • Naina

    A well researched post! Very interesting and every style is brilliant. I particularly like the long curls and the sleek ponytail. They are chic edgy and yes classic! Good post! would love to come back for more such articles.

  • Preksha

    Woah! Brilliant and classic styles. My personal picks are the long Emo style and classic curly waves. Would love to give both a try! Looks really interesting and funky with an edge. Interesting write-up. Do share more such amazing articles. Will keep digging for more :)

  • Anjuli

    This article was not written well. I could have found any of these suggestions in a google images search. The writer included no instructions on how the hair style was achieved nor did they attempt to offer regional or historical citation for why these are “classic long indian hair styles”. And to top it off, the writer didn’t even bother finding photos of indian women sporting these looks. This article mentions the difficulty of care of long tresses but offers no help in how to go about doing so. This was neither a commentary or a how to article. It was less informative that a first graders clip art collage on how to become president. I hope the writer and publisher of this article are ashamed of themselves and this useless slop of a piece they call writing.

  • ballo

    yes u correct…..