Sultry Pink And Grey Eye Makeup – Tutorial With Detailed Steps And Pictures January 31, 2017

So, you have a wedding coming up. Picked the dress and accessories? So, you are all ready for the big day! What? You haven’t decided on the makeup yet? Well, it is never too late! If you are looking to create something unique and different for a special wedding, event or party, we have just the thing for you—a sultry eye makeup created with grey and pink eyeshadows! Just the right blend of feminine colors and mystique!

Products Used:

Here is the list of products, which were used to achieve the sultry pink and grey eye makeup look:

  • Elf 144 eyeshadow palette for pink, brown, white, black and grey eyeshadows
  • Lotus Herbals Kajal Black
  • Kryolan Liquid Eye Liner
  • Loreal Million Lashes Mascara

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Stepwise Tutorial:

Just go through this step by step tutorial and you’ll be all set for that big day:

Step 1:

Start applying an eye cream to moisturize and relieve any dryness in the under eye area. Gently use the ring finger to apply and blend the product. Allow it to be absorbed by the skin and then apply your favorite concealer. If you have very pigmented eyelids then it is best to use a corrector prior to the application of the concealer. Set the concealer with powder to avoid creases and fine lines.

Then pick a matte white eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corner area of your eyes. It is best to use a flat brush and pat the color to build good intensity. Then, apply a hot pink eyeshadow in matte finish to the inner one third area of your eyes. Apply a matte soft brown eyeshadow to the crease area. It is best to use a fluffy tapered blending brush to softly diffuse the color.

Step 2:

Then, pick a grey eyeshadow with a satin or shimmer finish and apply it to the center of your eyelid area. Layer the eyeshadow just above your moving lid area. Pat the eyeshadow and avoid the sweeping motion to build maximum color intensity.

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Step 3:

Once the eyeshadow is in place, pick a creamy black gel or kohl eye pencil to the outermost corner and outer v area of your eyes. Use a smudge or pencil brush to blend the kajal softly with the eyeshadows applied earlier.

Step 4:

Apply a dark matte black eyeshadow to the outermost corner of your eyes. It is best to use a fluffy tapered blending brush to softly diffuse the color with eyeshadows applied earlier. You should remember in this step to blend the grey, black and brown eyeshadows seamlessly to create a soft transition of colors. Gently create soft circular motions to blend it easily. Then, pick a shimmery white eyeshadow and apply it to the brow bone of your eyes to highlight.

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Step 5:

Then, apply the same vibrant hot pink eyeshadow to the one third of the lower lash line area and apply the grey eyeshadow to the center of your lower lash line and matte black eyeshadow to the rest of the lower lash line to balance the eye makeup.

Then, line your waterline and tight line your eyes with a dark black kajal. Curl your eyelashes and follow it up with mascara to create an illusion of thicker eyelashes.

That’s it! A very party look—this sultry eye makeup will go well with traditional Indian attires as well as with western party wear. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is to get a clean finish. If you manage to get that right, you’ll be able to flaunt a totally ‘out of the salon’ look without spending all your money! So, be the belle of the ball with this sultry pink and grey eyeshadow eye makeup!

We hope this tutorial is helpful. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. And share your experiences with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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