Sunken eyes is a condition which mainly appears with aging and can happen due to many reasons, which can be external like stress, tension or internal like lack of sleep, dehydration or improper diet. This is an aggravated condition of dark circles which makes the underside of eyes look more sunken. Opt for medical remedies for the improvement of the condition. Home remedies do work for such conditions but take a long time to show results.

Reasons For Sunken Eyes:

Let us point out what are the main reasons for appearance of sunken eyes:

  • Bad food habits, too much fast food intake and indigestion
  • Internal weakness or stomach problems
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress and tension
  • Lack of hydration in the body
  • Lack of timely and proper treatment of dark circles
  • Too much caffeine intake or smoking

Remedies For Sunken Eyes:


Here are a few remedies that you can try. Say which remedy for sunken eyes works better for you?

1. Mix half teaspoons of olive oil and almond oil of pure quality and massage this lotion under eyes before going to sleep at night. Continue for a month every night for improvement of the condition.

2. You can make a pack of chandan or sandal wood and honey and use it under eyes for 10-12 minutes. While you do this, lie down in a flat posture with head slightly lifted using a rolled towel or a thin pillow. Cover the eyes with cold slices of potato or cucumber and the honey pack on for 10-12 minutes. This will provide added benefits.

3. Applying honey and lemon juice in the same way as above can also help.

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4. Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. Cut on coffee and tea intake.

5. Cut down on intake of food which has Vit A, but don’t exclude them totally from diet. At the same time, intake of Vit K and Retinol helps lighten the under eye area. Consult your doctor for the best supplements of Vit K and retinol. These help increase better blood flow to the area which helps lighten the area. Substitutes of Niacin amide or niacin also helps lighten under eye area. A good doctor can prescribe you the best medicines containing these or proper supplements.

6. Chemical or cosmetic treatments can help in reducing sunken eye appearance.

7. Simple Isometric eye exercises can also help you eliminate hollow eyes

8. Cold or warm teabags are very effective for treating sunken eyes. Keep them on eyes, leave for few minutes. It helps to improve the blood circulation around the eyes, offers relaxation and thus reduces dark circles and pigmentation.

9. Apply a good quality sunscreen lotion to the affected eye area. In this way, any further damage to the skin in avoided.

10. Fish oil, rich in omega fatty acids can be applied topically under the eyes. If you have sunken eyes or dark circles begin to form, you can apply fish oil to make your under eye skin healthy and smooth.

Do not leave your dark circle problems today to face sunken eyes problems tomorrow. Did you face this problem before? Have you ever tried any of these natural remedies for sunken eyes? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • jaga

    i am having sunken eyes, may be because of dehydrated skin because i am having dry skin, i am feeling sad because of my face having sunken eyes with wrinkles with aged look at the age of 25Male. i am applying almond oil and honey but there is no improvement.. kindly anyone suggest me the food intake…

    • Notyr

      try with more salt and water, possible other minerals too and vitamins.

    • Mike C

      I have the same problem male 30, had it since birth its got nothing to do with being sleepy or drinking to much coffee, its genetic to do with fat and the only real cure is off a doctor my advise is to talk to a doctor and get some medical information, tear trough rejuvenation is one of the procedures.

  • kasturi

    I have a bad sunken eye with wrinkles on the side of the eye wit a bad dark…i have tried so many type of method noting seems working any other suggestion so i can get ride of it