Does Swimming Result In Weight Loss? August 4, 2016

Swimming is a fantastic exercise for everyone. Even an expecting mother could also practice swimming everyday unless she has any complications. Swimming does not only help losing excess bodyweight effectively, but also burn calories fast. One can enjoy swimming all the time, as it puts less stress on body. Swimming everyday is not only good for health, but it is also an excellent mood booster. So, if you dream for fatless toned body, swimming weight loss is the way to go!

Swimming – An Easy and Inexpensive Way of Exercise

If you swim every day, you can save the money you pay to the gym. Yes, you heard it right! Swimming makes comprehensive working out. All your body muscles work out together when you swim. However, you should warm up for some time before getting into the pool for avoiding cramp. A short warming up session would provide you with extra energy for swimming every time.

Swimming is enjoyable in all means. It is inexpensive, as you can choose any pool. It may be a pool beside your home, or may be your regular club. Some people swim at rivers and sea as well when they are trained enough. Thus, there is no fixed water body for swimming. All you need to ensure is that the pool should be clean enough. Swimming in dirty water may be dangerous at times.

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Swimming For Weight Loss

Swimming happens to be an excellent method for losing weight. The cardiovascular activities while swimming burn calories vigorously. This method is quite effective for people suffering from stubborn fat or cellulite. Swimming involves so many muscles of the body. The lungs and the heart have to work hard in order to supply oxygen to the muscles.  This way, both the heart and lungs get stronger with cardiovascular activity. It also helps reducing the blood pressure level in turn.

Regular swimming is also good for coping up with chronic ailments. Swimming regularly would boost your immune system, increase immunity power, and decrease the chances of stroke and type 2 diabetes. Regular swimming also improves the flexibility of muscles and joints.

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How Much Calorie You Burn an Hour By Swimming

It is absolutely important to burn calorie that you intake through food. Swimming happens to be a striking method to burn calorie fast and painlessly. If you wonder how much calorie exactly you burn by swimming, you could be easily astonished to know the number. You can burn between 450 to 750 calories per hour depending on the style of swimming. Swimming is far better than walking that burns 270 calories an hour. The repetitive movements of the swimming strokes also boost flexibility of joints, hip, neck, and shoulders.

Swimming Strokes Best For Weight Loss

Here are some common types of swimming strokes that all contribute as the best swimming tips for weight loss.

  • Sidestroke: Sidestroke is the most common form of swimming. You need to swim lying sideways when you sidestroke. You need to extend one arm straight and forward while keeping the other one backward. Repeat the hand movements alternatively. Sidestroke helps you burning around 500 calories an hour.
  • Free style or front crawl: Free style or front crawl is the standard ways of swimming. In this type of swimming, you need to alternate the over arm strokes while constantly flutter kicking your feet. This style burns around 480 calories an hour.
  • Backstroke: This type of swimming is similar to front crawl. You just need to float face up in place of face down. Amount of calorie you burn through this style of swimming is same like that of front crawl.
  • Breaststroke: For doing breaststroke, touch your palms and pull them into the chest. Create a prayer like form and extend the palms face down at shoulder height. Take your palms outward and create a semicircle. Keep your knees up and kick out. Bring the legs back in a streamline position. You can burn 700 calories an hour with breaststroke.
  • Butterfly: Butterfly style of swimming happens to be quite difficult. You should practice it only when properly trained. You need to roll your hands in a windmill-like motion from outward to inward towards your waist. You can burn at least 750 calories an hour while practicing butterfly stroke of swimming.

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