How To Tackle Hair Loss In Patches? June 22, 2016

Have you ever experienced it? You’re in the middle of your morning routine hairstyling procedure and suddenly you observe a bald patch on your scalp. You scream!! The moment you take a deep breath and think, you discover two more bald patches, which is even scarier.

Well, this is a likely scenario for someone who has just discovered they have alopecia areata which presents with the sudden appearance of bald patches. However, hair loss occurs in different ways, but hair loss in patches a.k.a. Alopecia Areata is quite a frequent one. The strange fact is that even after hair loss in patches, most of the people are not aware of this term.

But what is it and what causes it?

If you want to know more, here this guide will provide you with certain significant facts, causes and symptoms as well as some top notch remedies to deal with hair loss in patches.

Facts about Hair Loss in Patches:

1. This is one condition that affects about 2 percent of the population and occurs equally among both the sexes and at any age. However, it is one of the most common issues of childhood.
2. There are single or multiple patches of hair loss on the scalp that is demarcated well. Usually it occurs on the scalp, but in some cases they may occur even on the eyebrows, eye lashes or any other area that has hair growth.

3. In rare cases, the condition is termed as either Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis.

4. Within a small period of time, there is major hair shedding in people who are suffering from this problem.

5. Diseases increase the risk of patchy hair loss in people.

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What Causes Hair Loss in Patches?

1. Alopecia areata is a skin disorder that causes hair loss, usually in patches, most often on the scalp. This is caused when body’s immune system wrongly attacks hair follicles and causes hair to fail out. This is known as an autoimmune disease and not something that is under your control.

2. Genetic reasons can also be associated with patchy hair loss where causes are concerned. Though, nothing specific has been found out yet on what actually triggers the problem.

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Symptoms of Alopecia Areata:

  1. Bald hair loss patches all over the scalp in small areas that are round and about the size of a coin.
  2. Subtle redness on the scalp that might or might not be noticeable.
  3. Burning sensation in some of the cases.
  4. Itchiness in the scalp.
  5. Scaling but mild.

Some Treatments for Patchy Hair Loss

Steroid Injections:

There are some steroid injections that can be given directly on the bald patches. This helps in reducing the effects of the immune system attacking the affected area and thus gives it time to recover. This allows the follicles to start functioning normally again and thus lead to hair re growth. This is the best treatment for conditions where there are only 1-2 patches. Also, there is no 100 percent guarantee of complete outcomes. Skin specialists can carry this treatment perfectly. The injections are given at a time gap of 4-6 weeks and the re-growth starts at about 2-3 months after that.

Topical Steroid Cure:

There are a lot of gel and cream forms of steroid that are available in the market and can be used for hair patches for women. It might not give as efficient results as the injections but then definitely improves the critical situation to a certain extent. It takes about 6 months before you can see re-growth of hair in the patches. Professionals recommend that if you do not find any difference after 6 months, then it is best to discontinue this treatment and skip to others.

Hope this article was informative. I am sure that you will sort out the questions like what exactly hair loss in patches means and what it signifies. Don’t forget to share your comments.

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