Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Makeup Products And Brushes June 26, 2016

Makeup brushes give us a professional finish. They allow us to apply makeup evenly and precisely. Brushes can help contour your cheekbones as well as jawbones. Makeup applied using good quality brushes will not cake off/flake off easily.

Brushes like other tools need regular maintenance. Do you regularly clean your makeup brushes? We usually wash them monthly or maybe once in two months. That too, if one has the time!

Look at your brushes girls. They are craving to get cleaned. We never forget to clean ourselves. So, let’s not neglect those ‘special friends’ who help you look beautiful every day!


Variety And Types Of Brushes

There are a variety of makeup brushes like:

  • Elf brushes: Elf brushes are affordable and of good quality.
  • Eco tools: A perfect accompaniment for the eco friendly. They use natural and bio degradable ingredients.
  • Vega: Closer home, these brushes are a good option. The Vega Set of 7 Makeup Brushes EVS 7 is attractively priced at Rs 499. Vega even offers other implements like foot scrubbers and tweezers.

Brushes Come In Two Types

1. Natural Bristle Brushes

These are used for dryer applications like bronzer and powder foundation. You should tap it to remove excess powder. In case there is any staining, wash them immediately as prevention is better than cure.

2. Synthetic Bristle Brushes

These are used for wet applications like liquid foundation, lipstick and cleaner. These get stained quickly so they need to be cleaned more often. These also need to be replaced every 4-5 months

Take out some time from your daily routine and you will have soft and fluffy brushes as good as new. Here are a few guidelines for cleaning your makeup brushes.

1. Foundation Brushes – once a week.
2. Brushes for finishing powders and bronzers – once a week.
3. Blush Brushes – once a week.
4. Eyeshadow Brushes – every 2-3 days.
5. Eyeliner Brushes – after every use especially if you use an eyeliner sealant.

Tip: Girls, with acne-prone skin, wash your foundation brush every day to keep them free from any germs and bacteria.

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

It’s easy and super fast! You’ll need your makeup brushes, a mild shampoo (baby shampoo is also an option), warm water and clean old towels.

Step 1:

Wet only the bristles. Hold them under warm running water taking care the water doesn’t seep into the wooden or metal handle. You’ll end up loosening the glue and the bristles will start falling out over time.

Step 2:

Put a little amount of shampoo onto the bristles and work up the lather. Alternatively, you can also make a mild decoction of baby shampoo and water. Swirl the bristles in the concoction. Take care not to rub vigorously. Be gentle

Step 3:

Wash them in warm water. You’ll find colored water coming out. Keep washing them till the water becomes colorless.

Step 4:

Gently pat them dry and lay them flat across the towel to air dry. This helps to retain the brush shape and ensures that the bristles don’t splay .While drying take care of the following

  • Never dry brushes in direct sunlight as they may fade
  • Avoid heat drying your brushes. This may damage the brush

P.S.: Don’t stand them up for drying.

There are some special makeup brushes cleaning solutions available in the market. You may opt for them but they are expensive and the baby shampoo cleans the brushes just as well.

You can follow the same cleaning routine for other make implements and applicators like:

  1. Powder Puffs or Compacts – Need to be cleaned once a week with the baby shampoo solution.
  1. Tweezers and Eye Lash Curlers – These are metal based so are prone to rusting. Opt for an alcohol based cleaner or baby shampoo and wipe to dry.

Now you can take care of your brushes and they will last you for a long time. Incorporate brush cleansing into your beauty regime.

Good quality brushes will do the trick but ensure that you never share makeup implements. Sharing brushes is a sure shot way of sharing germs. So, go ahead and share beauty tips and tricks with friends but don’t share makeup. Till then, keep it stylish!

How To Sanitize Other Makeup Products And Accessories

It is high time we get aware of sanitizing our makeup products and accessories, so that you can be sure of applying only good things on your skin! Yes, makeup hygiene is a thing!

1. Lipstick

Sanitizing the lipsticks is important as we would be applying the product on our lips and sometimes it might smear into our mouth! It is best to buy lipstick in metal containers as they don’t retain bacteria as much as in plastic cases. But, most of the times, we fall for lipstick shades and finishes more than the packaging itself, right? Then, this sanitizing method should be followed once in two weeks or at least once a month:

Take a clean cotton swab, then slightly twist up your lipstick and scrape the topmost layer of the lipstick off. Remember, you need not remove a large chunk of the lipstick, but just a thin top layer.

If you have old lipsticks, then the bacterial accumulation can be slightly stronger and this second method will work effectively:

Take some rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle and start spraying it to your lipsticks. Hold the lipstick at least 3 to 4 inches away from the bottle and spray it gently all over the lipstick bullet. Then, allow it to dry naturally and you will have super clean lipsticks.

2. Pencils

Makeup pencils can be lip liners, brow pencils or eye pencils. Sanitizing the pencils is quick and easy. The easy and effective way to sanitize pencils is to sharpen them before you use. Give them a complete twist to remove a single layer and you will be done. You don’t have to sharpen many layers. If your makeup pencils are retractable types, then you can spray rubbing alcohol to the tip of the pencil and let it dry naturally.

3. Foundation

Liquid foundation usually comes in an open bottle, which might require fingertips to take out the product. To sanitize it, pour out the top portion of your foundation away. But, sometimes it might not remove all the germs as we always tend to shake our foundation. So, the best way to sanitize it would be to replace your foundations. But, if you remember to use a cotton swab to take out the product then the sanitation problem will not arise.

If you have a foundation bottle with a pump dispenser, then it is the cleanest packaging and you would have to only clean the pump with an antibacterial solution to remove the germs. Foundations with jar type packaging have to be cleaned regularly as bacterial breeding is more in deeper containers. To sanitize it, simply take a cotton swab and remove the top layer of the container. It is best to use cotton swabs to take out the product rather than fingers, as it will prevent bacterial accumulation.

4. Bronzer, Eyeshadow, Blush And Powder

Makeup products, such as eyeshadow, blush and bronzer are easy to sanitize. Take a blunt knife and gently scrape the top layer of the product. Do not press it down firmly as it might result in breaking of your product. It is always best to use clean brushes and sponges to take out the product for application to avoid bacterial breeding. If you are bothered that scarping of the product might damage the packaging, then it is best to spray rubbing alcohol over your blush or bronzer and let it dry naturally.

5. Makeup Bags And Cases

Makeup bags and cases can get dirty quickly. It is best to remove all your products and clean your bag with a good antibacterial solution at least once a month. The quickest way to sanitize is to use antibacterial wipes to clean until the makeup residue is gone.

6. Makeup Products That You Can’t Clean

It is best to throw away certain makeup products like mascara, lip glosses after a certain period of usage, as you really can’t sanitize them completely. You might think that it is possible to clean the mascara wand, but germs still breed into the product after every single use! Lip glosses again cannot be sanitized as bacteria and germs can sit at the bottom of the containers. Disposable sponges for foundation or compact application shouldn’t be washed and reused.

Sanitizing the makeup accessories is an important part of the skin care regime. It is highly recommended to follow these tips frequently to stay safe and beautiful!

Hope these tips on how to sanitize your makeup products and accessories were helpful.

Feel free to share your valuable suggestions in the comment section.