The most dreaded enemy of a healthy, glowing and flawless face and skin is heat. Heat and humidity increase sweating which aid in keeping the body cool and balanced while helping it to cope with the soaring mercury levels. Intense perspiration can, however, trigger skin problems like acne, skin inflammation and zits. Summer Acne and Acne Mechanica are forms of acne outbreaks attributed to an increased level of heat and friction in the body, environmental and other external factors, and resultant sweating.

Summer acne is a typical form of acne outbreak faced by most during the summer months due to the scorching heat and humid climatic conditions while Acne Mechanica is common in sportspersons, people who exercise and work out their body extensively. Sebaceous or oil-producing glands in the body become hyperactive with rising temperatures and thus produce excess sebum or oil in the body that clog the skin’s pores, thereby causing dirt, pollutants, microbes and dead cells to get accumulated in the follicles, resulting in skin inflammation and infections like dermal bumps and irritation, redness, pustules, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. Some of the ways to help treat and prevent heat pimples on face are as follows.

Ways to Avoid Heat Pimples

1. Cleansing and exfoliation:

Excess sebum, dirt and dead cell build up clog the skin’s pores and attract bacteria which cause acne or pimples. Pregnancy, periods and hormonal imbalances in women are conditions that are also responsible for increasing the production of sebum in the body, thereby triggering the outbreak of acne. Regular exfoliation and scrubbing clear these excess oils, dirt and dead cell deposits on the skin, unclog the blocked follicles and enable the skin to breathe, be healthy and acne free.

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2. Controlling excessive oil secretion:

Scorching heat and excessive perspiration cause the skin to lose precious oils and moisture. Dehydrated and dry skin activate the sebaceous glands to increase the production of oil in the skin to help balance the moisture levels in the body but in course, cause acne. Increasing water and other liquid intake rehydrates the body while using cleansers, water-based moisturizers and toners help to clean and revitalize the skin, control excess sebum and help retain the moisture balance of the dermis, thus helping to treat and prevent acne.

3. Avoiding harmful sun exposure:

Harmful sun exposure can have ill effects on the skin like dryness and irritation, sunburns, sunspots etc that trigger excess sebum production in the body and increase the number of dead cells on the skin which clog the skin’s pores to cause acne, infection and pus. Proper cleansing and moisturizing of the dermis, application of sunscreen and SPF-enriched cosmetics help to protect the skin against bad UV rays from the sun, thereby soothing, nourishing the skin and preventing acne outbreaks.

4. Shower bathing:

Luxurious bubble bathing experiences are generally not effective in cleaning the body thoroughly off dirt and dead cells. Taking a shower bath is an ideal way to exfoliate and remove the sweat, dirt and toxins from the skin. Hence, one should switch over from bubble bathing to shower bathing with soap free shower gels containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide etc to help combat the ill effects of heat and sweating on the skin like acne and pimples.

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5. Topical treatment:

Using creams, lotions and other cosmetic products containing Salicylic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, SPF properties etc, on the skin helps to fight acne and pimples due to heat in the body. Salicylic acid helps to dissolve a thin layer of skin from the top of the epidermis to release ingrown hair, pus, dirt and oil entrapped underneath, thereby helping in curing acne, razor bumps, itchiness and infection of the skin. Benzoyl Peroxide, with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties helps to prevent infections like the attack of acne-causing bacteria called P.Acne, thus aiding in keeping pimples and other skin inflammations at bay. SPF, with its sunscreen properties help to guard the skin against harmful sun exposure.

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6. Natural remedies and healthy diet:

Use of natural remedies and herbal products containing rich natural extracts like Aloe Vera, rose water, tea tree oil etc on the skin, drinking juices, water and other refreshing drinks, and maintaining a healthy diet helps to hydrate and nourish the skin and body aptly while helping treat acne to render healthy, glowing and radiant skin.

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  • Anonymous

    Mendhi or henna on you’re feet helps…. Pally all over and let dry for 30 min….then wash off properly…. Make sure you don’t go out in the sun until 10 minutes after otherwise the effect is useless. Do this once in 2 weeks or you may get ill from the cold

  • StyleCraze

    Hi arshiya, you can get rid of pimples caused due to heat by increasing the consumption of fruits like oranges, grapes. Drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water and also include buttermilk and fruit juices in your diet. To reduce body heat place some 3-4 teaspoonful of coriander seeds in glass of water for overnight and drink that water in morning. (You can add sugar if you need). Hope you find these to be useful .

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Gurpreet, some of the ways to reduce heat acne are freeze rose water to make ice cubes and rub them repeatedly over the acne affected areas. The healing properties of rose water will soothe your skin. Always remove any kind of makeup from face or shoulder properly. Do not scratch, and avoid scrubbing as that’ll spread it further. Check the ‘non Comedogenic’ label on your makeup products. Increase the intake of water and water content fruits and veggies like cucumber, water melon, coconut water etc.