When we can gain some rather amazing health benefits from one plant, why not learn more about it?

This plant is called the Tayberry. Tayberry grows in the gardens at home and is a commonly found fruit. It is eaten both raw and cooked, mostly used in desserts and is distinguished by a strong tart flavour, though less acidic in comparison to other berries.

There are many health benefits of this fruit apart from its unique taste and preferences. This fruit is a classified as a hybrid berry that is formed by the cross-breeding of a blackberry and a raspberry. The fruit was recognized in Scotland. Knowing this fruit will help us in reaping the best of its benefits. In this article, we will be looking at the nutrients and health benefits of this amazing fruit.

Tayberry benefits For Health

1. Delays Signs of Aging & Lowers Cholesterol:

The Tayberry is a rich source of Vitamin C, making it a citrus fruit. It is quite effective in healing wounds, has anti-aging benefits and aids in reducing cholesterol

2. Provides Essential Iron:

The nutrients in this fruit also help in providing iron, essential for the body.

3. Regenerates & Repairs Body Cells:

Flavonoids are also present in Tayberry, making it helpful in regeneration and repairing of our body cells. Hence, it’s highly advisable to be consumed at the tender age like kids and also for women during pregnancy.

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4. Prevents Neural Tube Defects in Infants:

This fruit is usually suggested to a pregnant woman as it helps in preventing the occurrence of neural tube defects in the baby to be born

5. Treats Diarrhea & Cures Gum Problems:

It is also useful in the treatment of diarrhea and its leaves are helpful in curing bleeding gums.

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6. Used in Making Tasty Wine:

Tayberries are also used in making wine. It has many health benefits and adds a refreshing taste that is absent in other blends of wines.

7. Used in Making Jams & Pies:

The use of Tayberry in jams and pies makes it a well-used nutritious fruit that acts as a wonderful cure for many diseases and, hence should be included in our daily diet.

Tayberry: Nutritional Value

None of the health benefits come alone. Only when there is an amazing nutritional value associated with a fruit, it provides a hoard of benefits like these. USDA approved statistics indicate that a cup of Tayberries (100 grams) contains:

1. 25 calories

2. Carbohydrates 11.94 grams

3. Proteins 1.2 gram

4. Sugar 4.42 grams

5. Vitamins 33 IU

6. The calcium content is about 14 grams

7. Iron is 16 grams

The above data clearly indicates that this fruit is a good source of carbohydrates. It also contains natural sugars in good proportions split as fructose 2.35 grams and glucose 1.86 grams. Minerals like Magnesium and Phosphorous are also present in Tayberries, which aid in the maintenance of blood pressure levels in our body. The fruit also contains about 6.5 grams of fiber and is hence considered a fiber-rich source. The fiber content eases your bowel movement and this should make it a good choice to be incorporated in our daily diet.

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Tayberry as a fruit is tasty, healthy, nutritious and largely available. Make the most of it by adding it to different dishes and making it available for children as well as adults in the form of jams, pickles and tarts. Happy snacking and have a great health.

We hope you liked this article and will surely leave your comments to tell us what you think about Tayberries. Do share with your friends and spread happy health.

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