The Curious Case Of A Frozen Lemon August 19, 2015

Zingy, zesty and a flavor that is fully alive! Lemons are one of those citrus fruits that are most loved by everyone. Whether it is lemonade or a key lime pie, whether it is a salad dressing or a squeeze of garnish on the top, a lemon is the hero of all these dishes. Ever wondered what freezing a lemon could do? You will be amazed at what you are about to read next.

Why Should You Freeze Lemons?

Lemons contain limonoids which are a) present in all the citrus fruits, and, b) they are compounds that help to hinder and delay the ER+ and ER- cells that are responsible for breast cancer. Well, as simply as I said it, it is true. Research and studies state that the consumption of citrus fruits is extremely helpful in the prevention of breast cancer. But it is not just the juice or the flesh of the fruit that helps, but the whole fruit, skin included, which has enormous benefits. This brings me back to why lemons should be frozen. Freezing the lemon as a whole helps you grate the rind beautifully, without destroying the flesh that could be used for another dish. Or if you decide to shred the whole frozen lemon, it will give you a great consistency that is easy to just sprinkle over any dish, a soup, a pasta, an ice cream or even a salad. Of course, this will totally uplift the flavor of the dish while giving you a host of healthy benefits.

The Health Benefits Of A Lemon:

Lemons change the taste of your dish – savory or sweet – for the better. But did you know that using the lemon as a whole, with the rind, has about five to ten times more vitamins than the juice. The precious peel that we dump into the bin, with no hesitation at all, also helps rid the toxins from our body, and with lifestyles like ours in this day and age, getting rid of toxins is a necessity. But the story doesn’t end there. We have sure read that lemons help in destroying cancer cells, but did you know that lemons are ten thousand times stronger than chemotherapy when it comes to killing those lethal cancer cells? Many tests have proven time and again that lemons can destroy and kill the malignant cells of over 12 different kinds of cancers including those of the colon, breast, lung, pancreas, prostrate, just to name a few. It is a hidden fact thanks to those who want to make millions of dollars by creating the synthetic, toxic medicines. But it is one hundred percent true that the tasty lemons are way more effective than chemo and devoid of the dangerous side-effects. Woe to those who are out there to make a profit out of someone’s illness!

Lemons also have amazing effects on cysts and tumors, which are very common problems today. One can safely say that lemons help cure almost all kinds of cancer. Lemons are also anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and help to combat all sorts of worms, parasites and infections. They are also known to regulate the blood pressure. They are anti-depressants and also help in stress reduction and cure nervous disorders.

Going Natural Is Always The Best Solution:

It is not hard for you to realize that as natural as you get, you reduce the side-effects. Nature and its bounties are amazing. All it takes is a little faith and the patience to freeze a lemon and add it on to most, if not all, of your meals. It is just as simple as that, and then forget treating a tumor, you will actually manage to prevent it altogether. It is worth trying for sure. Anything to save your health and to put those expensive drugs to shame!