What do we not do to try and acquire smooth, clear and glowing skin? From expensive creams to face packs to parlor treatments, we try many options but often the results are not satisfactory enough and thus we get weary of wasting both our valuable time and emptying our pockets.

Did you know that we can get much better results without so many hassles, just with the help of some of the most skin-friendly vegetables?

Yes, it is true. Being packed with vitamins, enzymes and other essential nutrients, the right vegetables can be your secret to glowing skin. Here’s why:

Best Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Consider the following 5 Vegetables for glowing skin naturally:

1. Tomatoes:

tomato benefits for skin

Tomatoes are present in almost every kitchen but we do not often use it for its skin benefits. Tomatoes are known to be the best source of the anti-aging antioxidant, lycopene along with containing high amounts of other Vitamins such as A, C and K.

Ingredients Required:

  • Tomato – 1
  • Honey – 2 tsp

How to Prepare?
Slice the tomato into two halves and extract the juice from it.

Add 2 tsp of honey to this.

Blend them well and apply this mixture on cleansed face; wash off after 20 minutes. This can be done on alternate days for soft, radiant and beautiful skin. This is particularly suitable for dry and dull skin. For oily skin, use tomato juice + fuller’s earth instead of honey.

2. Potatoes:

potato benefits for skin

Though eating French fries and potato chips frequently is not advised, this is one vegetable that works very well to help lighten pigmented areas, dark spots and blemishes through its bleaching action, thus giving us glowing and blemish free skin.

  • You can gently rub a slice of potato on your skin daily or make a face pack with fuller’s earth and potato juice to get rid of dark spots as well as oiliness.
  • This DIY using potatoes as an ingredient can help lighten and remove under eye dark circles naturally.

3. Cabbages:

cabbage for skin care

Proven by research to be an excellent anti-aging food, cabbage is another great vegetable for glowing skin. As it contains a powerful antioxidant – indole-3-carbonile, it fights damage caused by free radicals and helps in the detoxification of our liver, thus eliminating chances of dull skin.

  • For smooth, glowing skin, simply boil a cabbage in water and once cooled, use this water to wash your face twice or thrice a week.

4. Onions:

onions benefits for skin

Besides being the best dietary source of the powerful antioxidant flavonoid – Quercetin, onion is high on sulfur that is good for our liver; it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and very effective in helping us acquire glowing skin by ridding it of skin pigmentation, dark spots, freckles and blemishes.

  • Slice up an onion and rub it directly on the affected areas. Alternatively, you may grate the onion, squeeze out its juice and apply or also mix onion juice with a little honey and apply.

5. Carrots:

carrot beauty benefits

Rich in beta-carotene (which our body converts to Vitamin A), minerals and essential vitamins such as Vitamin C whose antioxidant action fights cellular damage caused by free radicals; carrots are not only useful for healthy vision but also for our skin.

  • Here’s a simple DIY using Carrots for glowing skin:

Ingredients Required:

  • Carrot- 1 large
  • Honey
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon

Boil the carrot until it turns tender and then mash it nicely with a fork to get a creamy consistency.

Now add half tsp each of honey and olive oil and few drops of lemon. (For oily skin, the oil may be omitted)

Allow the mixture to cool; then apply evenly on your entire face and neck, leave for 20 minutes and rinse off to find noticeably glowing skin.

So now that you know, try to utilize the power of these vegetables and see how they can bring about the difference to your skin.

Let us know what your choice is now: Skin-friendly veggies or harsh chemicals? Will you try these vegetable juices for glowing skin?

Image: Hypercityindia

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