11 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Bacne (Back Acne) August 9, 2017

Many of us must be having some real small bumps on the back and may be near the shoulder. Such bumps similar to acne are commonly called asback acne or bacne. They are said to resemble very much like the regular acne and could possibly take several forms like pimples, blackheads and cysts. They also are said to be painful at times and could also include pus, especially due to the over oily glands.

Many of the doctors say that bacne occurs most of the time during puberty especially when the sebacous glands become more active during this period, thus blocking pores and hair follicles. This results in bacteria attraction, causing acne. They could make that spot quite red too.

What causes BACNE?


Sebaceous glands secrete oil called sebum that makes the skin soft, supple and pliable. But during summer or harsh winters depending upon the skin type, sebum secretion increases or decreases respectively. This causes the bacne. Back acne is also caused by too much perspiration and sweating from exercise. This is also known to be the reason that aggravates the condition of your bacne.

In this article I have thoroughly researched and brought the remedies to ”bacne”. They are quite simple to follow and easy to put to use. Try for maximum benefits.

Here are the things you can do to prevent bacne:

1) Exfoliate your back skin using a gentle body scrubber. However, try not over scrub the area. You can make your own scrub by adding lots of salt and lots of sugar to olive oil or milk. Then you can scrub it with a loofah. However, keep in mind that scrubbing your back too hard will result in skin irritation and you could possibly be left with rashes and scars.

2) Comfortable, loose clothes in the summer maintain air circulation in your body making you sweat less. Cotton clothes are the best choice during summers and soft woolen during winter. Avoid wearing tight clothes as it gets difficult for the skin to breath. This will also help you reduce the risk of bacne. Cotton clothes otherwise are known to keep the skin calm, unlike the nylons. So when home try wearing cotton.

3) After coming from gym or after any hectic, sweaty work, change your clothes immediately. You can also take a lukewarm water shower to keep the sweat and acne causing bacteria of your body. Make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothes.

4) Be kind to your skin and use glycerin or milk or moisturizing cream based germ-killing soaps instead of using harsh, soapy soaps. Harsh soaps will strip the natural oils away, leaving your skin further complicated, dull and dry.

5) Wear clean clothes and try to wash your clothes with anti bacterial detergents to keep germs away.

6) Always have a balanced diet. Try to drink lots of fruit juices and eat lots of green vegetables. Green vegetables are tasty when cooked properly. They will help maintain the desired body fats and acids, thus reducing the risk of bad fats spoiling the over all skin health.

7) Try to use products made of natural ingredients like neem, honey, lime, multani mitti and rosewater for your back. They will help you keep the oils balanced, thus reducing the risk of acne.

8) If you’re having too much of bacne and nothing is working, probably, go and visit a reputed dermatologist as soon as possible. A good dermatologist is your best guide, always.

9) Tea tree oil is also good for treating bacne.


10) Aloe Vera gel can be used for your bacne to reduce the swelling and redness on your back.

11) Change your bed sheets, pillow covers frequently.

Take care girls, I hope I helped! Final word from me is that always consult a dermatologist if there is any critical aggravation of your bacne. Have a great day everyone. Please post your valuable suggestions in the comments section below.

Note: – Please don’t use any home remedies mentioned above if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shwetasarawgi/ shwetasarawgi (Glam ‘n Gloss)

    Salicylic acid works well with acne. But basically whatever active ingredients is being used their concentration has to increased like 10 % salicylic acid works better with back rather than 5% which works good for face. This is because the skin of the back is thicker and due to this the acne are more deep rooted.
    The best cure for bacne is to go to the doctor and start with antibiotics which is a sure shot way to cure back acne.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/arpitatiwary/ Arpita

      Very true Shweta :) Thanks for the information! I love when people comment on my posts ♥ Lots of Love :* MUAH :D

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/Sakina_Khan/ Sakina


    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/arpitatiwary/ Arpita

      Thanks @Sakina ♥

  • Amy Rose

    This is going to sound so bizarre, but I struggled with bacne for years, approximately 5-6 years. I tried everything, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, washes for body acne, salicyclic sprays, medication even. All those would help a little bit, but I would always have one or two really painful zits somewhere. Until about 4 months ago I stopped washing my hair every day. I used to wash and condition my hair every day until I got on the kick of dry shampoo. Ever since I started washing my hair either every other day, to every few days if possible I haven’t had a zit on my back. I’m assuming the conditioner would linger on my back even after rinsing it off and clog my pores causing me to break out. Its a win win situation, get to sleep in longer with stronger hair and no back acne! yay!