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Tinted Moisturizer VS BB Cream

Tinted Moisturizer VS BB Cream November 2, 2017

Launched as an alternative to foundations, tinted moisturizers are like any other moisturizers and creams, however with a slight tint.

They aim to provide skin coverage like that of a foundation, along with ease and non-fussy application. One just normally has to squeeze the required amount of the product into clean hands and apply on cleansed face. Tinted moisturizers make your skin natural, dewy and flawless. If you are a lover of dewy look, then leave it the way it is. But if you are a fan of matte look then, apply some powder over it.

Matching the Color:

Like foundations, tinted moisturizers come in several shades though the range might be more limited. But the best part is that they need not be matched exactly to the skin shade. Hence they are blendable, and can be chosen close enough to the desired shade.

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Tinted moisturizer vs BB cream

But first what is a BB cream or Blemish Balm cream? It was initially designed in Germany to treat people who had undergone laser treatment to cure their blemishes. But later it became very popular amongst actresses in Korea who used it as a all in one product that replaced their serums, moisturizers and foundations. Not BB creams are an international sensation.

Tinted Moisturizer or BB cream:

The concept of Tinted cream and BB cream may be same, but both have different ingredients which serve in very different ways. Both have few common points like being light on skin compared to a foundation and for an even skin tone, but there are many differences between them as well.

BB cream is thicker in consistency but contains more SPF than tinted moisturizer. It also stays long while tinted moisturizer fades easily. BB cream may have repairing benefits while tinted cream doesn’t have them. Here are the major differences:

BB Cream/Blemish Balm Creams:

  • It soothes and heals the skin.
  • Depending on the brand, it may have whitening properties.
  • It is suitable for all types of skin from dry to oily.
  • It has very limited number of shades with a maximum of three shades. If you found the shade close to your skin tone, then you are lucky.
  • It contains SPF 35 or more.
  • It contains anti-ageing properties.
  • It works as a moisturizer, foundation and concealer.
  • It is well pigmented, thick and creamy yet breathable.
  • It stays on skin for long and doesn’t fade easily.
  • It comes in affordable price.

Tinted Moisturizer:

  • It is thin (consistency) compared to a BB cream.
  • It has a range of shades to choose from unlike BB cream.
  • They are available in drugstores and high end stores in Asia.
  • It doesn’t have anti-ageing reagents.
  • It doesn’t have whitening benefit.
  • It is lightweight, but is not pigmented.
  • It fades off quickly.
  • It is very expensive when compared to foundations.
  • They have very less SPF in them ranging from SPF 15 to SPF 30.

Usually, both tinted moisturizer BB cream are good for dry or  normal skin. Since many of them have moist finish, those who have oily or combination skin may feel more slick or shiny. It is all up to you which one you choose depending upon your skin type.

Hope you find this article interesting and got to know the differences between tinted moisturiser vs BB cream. We would like to hear your comment.

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