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Top 15 Tips And Benefits Of Running

Top 15 Tips And Benefits Of Running November 2, 2017

Running is probably one of the best and the easiest ways of keeping yourself fit. It does not just help you improve your blood circulation and lowers heart diseases risk, but also helps in a host of other ways. A lot of people always find it difficult to follow a strict gym routine and find it boring too. Running comes in handy in such circumstances. It is fabulous in ways more than one. Here are the benefits and the top 15 tips for running. Read on!

Benefits of Running:

You might think I am exaggerating, but yes it’s true; running does more good to you than you can ever think of. It helps reduce weight, keeps your cholesterol in check, lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of heart diseases, enhances mood, improves your mental health, refreshes your senses, helps you get good sleep, beats stress, strengthens your immunity, fights anxiety and osteoporosis and makes you feel happy above all. These are just some of the benefits of running.

So now that you are motivated enough to take up running regularly, let’s give you the top 15 helpful tips for running that you must keep mind.

Running Tips:

1. Good Running Shoes:

A crucial and critical tip for running: Buy the right running shoes or you would end up injuring yourself. Running can be strenuous if not done with the right kind of shoes. Good running shoes would also make you feel comfortable.

2. Always Warm Up:

Always remember to warm up a little before you actually start running. A good warm up session prepares your body and mind for the physical activity that it is about to embark upon.

3. Right Body Form:

Always maintain the right body posture while running. A wrong posture while running would do you more harm than good, it can lead to pain in your back, neck and even shoulders. Always be straight, don’t raise your hands above waist and keep your elbows out.

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4. Steady Pace:

Take up a pace that suits you the best. Beginners must gradually increase their pace. Sudden and frequent pace change can lead to injury and fatigue.

5. Run and Walk Technique:

Beginners should know that their body is not used to the sudden physical activity. It takes time for your body to get used to it. Always run a little and then walk for some time. This will not stress you out. As you proceed, increase the running time and lessen the walking time. This running technique is most important.

6. Breathe Right:

Make sure you are breathing right. You must breathe with both your mouth and your nose. This helps you get enough oxygen for your muscles while you are running. It helps to strengthen your lungs. The best breathing exercise is one that is borrowed from chi-running. It says: ‘Breathe in for two steps, out for three steps’


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7. Time Yourself:

If you have just started, time yourself first. Do not go by the miles. Notice the total time you run in minutes. This is important because when you start you start slow and this would not result in too many miles. Idea is not to get discouraged.

8. Don’t Expect Too Much:

Don’t expect too much from your body too soon. Give yourself and your body sometime. Gradually increase the total time of your running. But this should be done slowly so that your body gets accustomed to it. Trying too much too soon will only tire you out.

9. Drink Water:

Drink enough water through the day. Your body needs water for everything. And when you start running, it needs water even more to keep your joints lubricated. Also, you sweat profusely when you run so you obviously need more energy in your body.

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10. Do Not Over-Exert:

Understand the signals of your body. If, on certain days, your body is averse to running, take a break. Relax your body. Idea is not to exert your body uselessly.

11. Uphill Running:

Racing uphill tends to keep you fit and increases your body strength. All you need to do is run with a short stride while you pump your arms. While going downhill, go for a longer stride and relax your arms.

12. Rest the Body When Needed:

It is very important that you listen to your body. If it starts to get sore, you really need to rest. Only you would know when your body needs rest and you need to take a day off for recovery.

13. Running on Sand:

Do you know running on sand or the beach can actually improve your muscle tone? A study says that running on sand requires 1.6 times more energy than running on a track or park; this is because your body needs to work harder in order to deal with the unstable and soft surface.

14. Run Barefoot:

Running barefoot on grass is very good for acupressure points which are present on our feet and heels. This helps in healing various diseases and acne. However, beware as running barefoot can also be painful and you might end up pricking barb in your feet. If you can’t go running barefooted, try minimalist shoes to simulate barefoot running.

15. Increase Foot Turnovers:

Increasing your foot turnovers can really strengthen your body which tends to help in skin tightening and toning of the muscles. 180 steps per minute is the count that experts suggest. This will also help in avoiding shin injuries.

So buck up and start running! Stay fit, healthy!

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