No matter how much you like Aishwarya’s or Priyanka’s hair color, it might not work for you if you don’t have a complexion like them. Yes, it’s true; the color of your hair depends on various factors and differs from person to person. Women with pale skin always have a tough time finding the right hair color for their hair. But it’s easier than you think.

Selection of hair color for pale skin with brown eyes becomes simpler, once you figure out whether your skin tone is cool or warm.  Here are some tips that will help you find which hair color will work best based on your skin tone and eye color.

Your skin tone can be easily recognized by seeing the hue of veins in your inner wrists. Slightly green tint would mean warm skin tone, whereas blue indicates cool skin tone. Women with warm skin tone must go for warmer hair colors, whereas the ones with cold skin tone can opt for platinum blond, flaxen or champagne shades.

Choose your Best Hair Color for Pale Skin

1. Pale Skin and Light Brown Eyes:

best hair color for pale skin and brown eyes

Pale Auburn hair color

If your brown eyes have a specific golden tint, then you are quite lucky. You can choose from a variety of options and can easily get away with cool colours. The best look might be a medium brown with lighter highlights. Thumbs up for blond and reddish highlights. You must avoid intense shades such as platinum, white or black. Pale auburn, light golden brown and golden blonde hair color looks good with hazel eyes.

Auburn hair color

Red Highlights

2. Pale Skin and Darker Brown Eyes:

best hair color for pale skin and dark brown eyes

Dark browns look great with dark brown eyes

Dark brown eyes look greatly contrasting on fair skinned beauties; hence they go better with natural hair colors. Browns and dark browns would look pretty much natural on you and also highlight your complexion. You can also try cool shades; however, it is advisable to stay away from lighter hues if you prefer more of blonde look. If you crave for two-tone hair color, then lowlights would be the ideal option for you.

hair color for pale skin and dark brown eyes

Best use of lowlights on brown hair

3. Fair Skin and Brown Eyes:

hair color for fair skin and dark brown eyes

Red hair for brown eyes

If you have naturally light brown hair, then select a light color complementing your skin tone. This concept works great for warm skin tones. Bright red is a great hair color option for ladies with fair skin and brown eyes. Light and medium auburn will look good, if you have light brown eyes. Opting for darker shades is perfect if you prefer a Snow White look. Go for dark chestnut brown as it is a perfect contrast for your skin tone. A big no for black with blue hues, especially for women with warm tones.

hair color for dark brown eyes

Dark chestnut brown for brown eyes

Always discuss with a professional, especially when trying a shade very lighter as compared to the natural hair color. A professional will always guide you and tell you which color would work best for you.

Hope these tips on choosing good hair colors for pale skin will surely help you to add a dash of beauty to your hair.

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  • Dedeepya

    Really good article.Nice colors to choose for a particular skin tone.Really nice!!

  • Anji

    What do you recommend for naturally dark-ish brown hair and green eyes and fair skin? :)